Easy Song’s New Referral Program Now Pays 15% of Fees for All Services

easy song referral program
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The following was created in collaboration with Easy Song, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Easy Song has been making it easy for music professionals to obtain rights and permissions for years. Now the company has upgraded its Referral Program to help happy users generate a passive income stream. Here’s how it works.

Easy Song now pays 15% of fees generated from all of its services instead of cover songs only. This includes Cover Song Licensing, Seal of Authenticity, Custom Licensing, Copyrighting, Publishing, Backing Tracks, and more. You can see Easy Song’s fee schedule to see the earnings potential.

The best part of this expansion is that Referral Program users can choose which parts of Easy Song’s services to promote. Have an orchestra that needs to get its mechanical licensing in order? Maybe your audience wants a one stop shop to copyright protect their original compositions and sound recordings with the United States Copyright Office. Both of these services (and more) are now covered under Easy Song’s new Referral Program.

How the Easy Song Referral Program Works

Generating a passive income stream with the Easy Song Referral Program is a simple three-step process. The first step is creating an account at easysong.com. Everyone with an account can access the Referral Program–no need to sign up for it separately. Once signed in, you’ll have access to a unique Referral Link. Clicks on the link are tracked for 30 days and referrals earn 15% of Easy Song’s fee schedule (after discounts). There is no minimum payment threshold to receive payout and there’s no maximum amount you can earn.

Easy Song allows referrals to earn from repeat business, forever. While the Referral Link is the most common way to earn, you can also earn from phone calls to agents and the web form at checkout. Easy Song agents always ask new customers how they heard about the service. If they specify a Partner during the checkout process, that referral gets credit. For phone and web form referrals, orders made within 24 hours are eligible to receive referral income.

It’s important to note that the fees don’t always equal the grand total of the order because charges may include elements that Easy Song doesn’t earn from–such as royalties. Royalties are paid out 100% to the copyright holder.

Some things not eligible for referral income include:

  • Cover Song Licensing royalties
  • Custom Licensing publisher approved license fees
  • U.S. Copyright Office Federal Filing Fees
  • Publishing income collected for the customer
  • Fees collected on behalf of Brokerage clients
  • Fees collected on behalf of Marketplace clients
  • Giddy income collected for customers

How easy is it to collect Easy Song referral earnings?

Easy Song pays out referral income monthly to the members of its program. Since there is no minimum threshold for payment you will receive a check each month you have referral sales. Easy Song mails a check to the name and address associated with the account. Keeping this information accurate will avoid any interruption in payments. 

How is the Referral Program different from the Partner Program?

The Partner Program builds on the Referral Program by asking Partners to maintain an active link to Easy Song on their website or blog. In exchange for that link, the Partner Program provides access to the Easy Song API to automate referrals and cover song clearances, inclusion on the ‘Our Partners’ page, a link back to the Partner, and potential placement in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ page and Easy Song’s homepage. The Partner Program is an additional program that you must enroll in–it is not automatic like the Easy Song Referral Program.

Have questions about the changes to the Easy Song Referral Program? You can visit easysong.com/earn, check out the service’s Help Center, or call 1-800-360-5192 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Central Time to have all of your questions fully addressed.