VNUE Partners with Kokku for VNUE Festival Experience in Roblox, NASDAQ Listing ‘Coming Soon’

VNUE Kokku Roblox NASDAQ
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VNUE Kokku Roblox NASDAQ
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Photo Credit: VNUE

VNUE has partnered with Kokku to build a continuous VNUE Festival and multi-stage experience in Roblox.

Kokku is one of South America’s largest gaming and entertainment co-development firms. It will bring the VNUE festival to Roblox’s 50 million active users in Q1 2023 as part of Phase One of VNUE’s plans to develop a simple, seamless process for the creation, promotion, distribution, and management of interactive online gaming and streaming events.

The VNUE festival will operate continuously, presenting both free and ticketed concerts, music launches, listening parties, and more each day across multiple-themed and customizable stages. Fans can experience interactive games, missions, eMerch, and parental controls for Roblox’s young audience. Partners, sponsors, and official music curators for the festival will be announced in the coming months.

Artists will be compensated through the VNUE performance agreement model and earn their performance royalties, tracked by VNUE’s Soundstr music identification technology.

“VNUE has a long history of creating and delivering innovative forms of music entertainment monetization, for example, and StageIt, and we are expanding dramatically into a new world of channel opportunities, production services, and new deployment opportunities for core technology such as the Soundstr music identification and royalty administration services for the metaverse–the first of its kind,” says Zach Bair, CEO & Chairman of VNUE.

“The strategic partnership with Kokku, a proven and top-rated game and graphics design firm, will unfold with highly valuable client services and together we will build our iconic, virtual ‘venues’ where entertainers in music, comedy, sports, and more will take up virtual residency,” Bair adds.

Additionally, VNUE has retained ICON Capital Group to raise $15MM or more in order to list on the NASDAQ Stock Market in the coming months. Zach Bair and special advisor Jock Weaver put together the deal with ICON Capital Group to move the company to NASDAQ.

“The move to NASDAQ is long overdue, in my opinion, but timing is indeed everything,” Bair says. “This exciting new project – bigger than anything we have ever done – is exactly the type of catalyst that can propel the company into a new dynamic where our faithful shareholders will enjoy the fruits of our labor and the company can have the bandwidth we need to fully execute on our disruptive technologies.”