Collaborative Music Platform Drooble Is Shutting Down

Drooble shutting down

Photo Credit: Wes Hicks

Collaborative music platform Drooble is shutting down in December. The social media network was created by musicians for musicians to meet and collaborate together.

Drooble was founded in 2013, back when Facebook and Twitter were still experiencing explosive growth. Drooble never reached mainstream success, but it does have a userbase of around one million musicians from all over the world. CEO and Founder Melina Krumova announced the decision in an email to platform members.

“This is one of the most complex decisions I have ever made, but it’s now time to say goodbye to Drooble,” Krumova writes. “I gave all my heart to this endeavor, but now my life has taken a spiritual direction, and I need to shut down the platform.”

“For more than seven years, my team and I have been bootstrapping this project. We spent tremendous amounts of effort and resources to develop it. It was hard work all the time, but it was also fun. Building this platform from zero to one was the best time of my life,” she continues.

So what will happen next? Krumova says if there is no interest from anyone else, she will shut down the platform on December 28.

“I’d be more than happy to leave Drooble’s assets to the most suitable successor who will take the network to the next level. If you believe you are willing to step in and allocate resources, time, and effort, please mail me. I am sure there is enormous potential for growing the community. Should no developments occur till the 28th of December, then from that day on, Drooble will no longer be available.”

It’s unfortunate, but online collaboration tools have evolved heavily since 2013. This seems like a case of not having the resources to compete with other major players in the space, especially since collab tools like Zoom have taken off to facilitate easier virtual meeting spaces.