Vevo’s Top Music Videos and Artists of 2022

Vevo top music videos 2022
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Vevo reveals its top music videos and top artists of 2022 with its annual wrap-up on music video viewership. 

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, has released its annual year-end look back on music video viewership. The wrap-up shares Vevo’s most-watched music videos and artists of 2022 globally and in the US and trending music videos from notable moments throughout the year.  

“Seeing who and what has resonated with audiences at such a massive scale is nothing less than fascinating because these annual insights create a snapshot of what’s trending and current in music, as well as what’s happening in pop culture overall,” says JP Evangelista, senior vice president of content, programming, and marketing at Vevo. 

“Fans come to Vevo to connect with their favorite artists, who shape everything from language to fashion to today’s social conversations — often through music videos.”

“For artists, there are also key learnings for their creative and release strategies,” Evangelista explains. “Music videos remain a critical tool for them to break through in a quickly evolving entertainment landscape, where capturing and sustaining attention to build fandom are the foundation for success. We applaud this year’s top artists for their boundless creativity, top-notch collaborations, and ability to engage fans both new and existing.”

Vevo’s Top Music Videos of 2022

  1. “PROVENZA” by Karol G with 547 million views
  2. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto with 503.4 million views
  3. “Te Felicito” by Shakira and Rauw Alejandro, with 415.9 million views
  4. “As It Was” by Harry Styles, with 375.5 million views
  5. “GATÚBELA” by Karol G and Maldy with 202.3 million views.

Vevo’s Top Global Artists of 2022

  1. Karol G, with 2.76 billion views
  2. Shakira, with 2.49 billion views
  3. The Weeknd, with 2.24 billion views
  4. Taylor Swift, with 2.09 billion views
  5. Eminem, with 1.75 billion views

Vevo’s Top US Artists of 2022

  1. Lil Baby, with 674.7 million views
  2. Future, with 489.5 million views
  3. Chris Brown, with 424.3 million views
  4. Taylor Swift, with 414.7 million views
  5. Drake, with 408.5 million views

“We are not only privileged to host such star-powered content on the Vevo network, but we’ve been lucky enough to work directly with many of these artists through our original content franchises, which provide additional ways to both grow and maintain a deep connection with fans,” Evangelista continues.

“Sending out a huge congratulations to all of those who charted. We look forward to seeing your continued success.”