Ticketmaster Offers Select Swifties a Second Chance to Buy Eras Tour Tickets Following Pre-Sale Fiasco

Taylor Swift Netflix
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Taylor Swift Netflix
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Photo Credit: Glenn Francis / CC by 3.0

About one month after a multitude of Taylor Swift diehards were unable to purchase Eras Tour tickets via Ticketmaster, the Live Nation subsidiary is giving select fans a second chance to buy passes.

The fallout stemming from the Taylor Swift Eras Tour ticketing fiasco, which occurred even after organizers added a number of shows to the concert series, is hardly a secret. Beyond an avalanche of fan outrage as well as some criticism from Swift herself, Live Nation has faced demands for a “staff briefing” with members of the House, activist pushback, and a lawsuit filed by would-be attendees.

(A reported Justice Department investigation into the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger likewise entered the spotlight amid the Eras Tour debacle, though the rumored probe is said to have kicked off well before the present controversy started unfolding.)

But as mentioned at the outset, certain Swifties are receiving another opportunity to buy Eras Tour tickets, ultra-excited supporters promptly disclosed on social media.

A portion of these supporters posted screenshots of an email that Ticketmaster looks to have sent to eligible individuals, apprising recipients of “a limited-time opportunity to request to purchase 2 tickets to” the Eras Tour.

“You were selected for this opportunity because you have been identified as a fan who received a boost during the Verified Fan presale but did not purchase tickets,” reads the email text displayed on one screenshot. “We apologize for the difficulties you may have experienced, and have been asked by Taylor’s team to create this additional opportunity for you to purchase tickets.

“These individual opportunities are being sent out prior to 12/23,” the message proceeds. “Invitations will be staggered by tour dates in each city. You will receive additional information and instructions on how to submit your request.”

Predictably, customers (and prospective customers) are weighing in on the development on social media, with certain fans excitedly communicating that they have now obtained a shot at securing Eras Tour tickets.

However, others are indicating that they’ve not yet received the email offer despite having nabbed one of the aforesaid “boosts.” Different Swifties are emphasizing their love of the artist (who will turn 34 tomorrow) and lamenting that they must jump through so many hoops to watch the Midnights creator perform live.

“I know of 4 people that got presale codes and only 2 had boost,” a tweet on the subject states. “One was able to purchase tickets so they didn’t get an email. The other ones without boost also didn’t get the email, the only person that received the email was someone who had a presale code with boost. Idk.”

On this front, it bears reiterating in conclusion that roughly 2.4 million Eras Tour tickets have been sold. And as the Wall Street Journal has estimated that around 164,000 passes remain available, it appears that demand will likely outstrip the remaining inventory even as Ticketmaster selectively enables purchases.

Meanwhile, the Live Nation-owned platform just recently apologized to Bad Bunny fans for a separate ticketing fiasco, and with Eras Tour demand showing few signs of letting up, super-eager shoppers are shelling out massive sums for Swift tickets on Ebay, the platform’s listings show.