Asake Concert Crowd Crush Leaves Eight Hospitalized, With Four In Critical Condition

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London’s Brixton Academy, where a crowd crush resulted in multiple hospitalizations during an Asake concert. Photo Credit: Drew de F Fawkes

A crowd crush at an Asake concert in London has resulted in at least eight hospitalizations (with four individuals reportedly in critical condition) and a number of injuries.

Metropolitan Police published a formal release describing the unfortunate episode, and numerous fans posted firsthand accounts and videos of the incident, which occurred at the Brixton Academy. Nigeria-born Asake (real name Ahmed Ololade) had performed twice at the same venue earlier this week, and these concerts appeared to go off without a hitch.

However, ahead of the first of the shows, Asake posted an “update” on Twitter, imploring fans to abstain from turning up at the Brixton Academy if they lacked “a valid ticket.” Additionally, the 27-year-old made clear that “the show is completely sold out and there are no tickets for sale at the venue.”

Nevertheless, Met Police disclosed that they had been called to the Brixton Academy at 9:35 PM last night, “following reports that a large number of people were attempting to force entry to the venue.” According to the same source, two attendees (besides the previously noted eight individuals who were transported to the hospital) received on-site medical attention.

Video uploaded to social media appears to show a massive crowd assembled outside the Brixton Academy during Asake’s performance, which was rather predictably cut short.

“I think they said outside [the venue] is f—cked up already, so I need to end the show, I don’t know why,” a disappointed Asake told an even more disappointed audience in announcing his set’s abrupt conclusion.

Meanwhile, troubling descriptions and clips of the occurrence are continuing to surface. “Only people in that crowd will understand the suffering we had to go through getting stamped on, we couldn’t even get out of it if we tried and some of us actually had tickets,” wrote one individual, including with the tweet footage of the chaotic scene.

“People trivialising the Asake stampede but we should have learnt from astroworld and what happened in Korea with that crowd crush,” weighed in another observer. “Life and death are minutes apart in those kind of volatile atmospheres. Really hoping nobody was seriously hurt tonight.”

In a statement, a Met Police official confirmed that detectives had launched an investigation, which “will be as thorough and as forensic as necessary to establish exactly what happened last night.” Finally, the “Bandana” artist Asake addressed the crowd crush in a statement on Instagram.

“My heart is with those who were injured last night and caused any form of discomfort,” penned Asake. “I pray you get well soonest. I am also in the process of reaching out to individuals. I still do not have the full brief from the venue management themselves as to what led to the disruption at the entrance of The Brixton Academy, but we are thankful that all was peaceful at the end.

“For my people who enjoyed the beginning of my performance, I am sorry that it was cut short. Thank you for your unbelievable love London. I love you too much! I’m looking forward to seeing you again in a bit!”