Mariah Carey Breaks Spotify’s Single-Day Global Streaming Record With ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’

Mariah Carey alt-rock album
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Mariah Carey alt-rock album
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Photo Credit: WBLS / CC by 3.0

Mariah Carey’s perennial holiday favorite “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has broken Spotify’s single-day global streaming record.

This latest commercial feat for the nearly 29-year-old track, around which Mariah Carey scheduled several performances in 2022, just recently came to light in a social-media post from Chart Data. According to the cited message, which was published on the morning of the 25th, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” had broken “the all-time record for the biggest single day streams in Spotify chart history with 21.27 million streams.”

Notwithstanding potential differences in calculations and the timing thereof, Chartmetric data confirms the single-day stream influx for the song, the play count for which is said to have grown by a cool 21.35 million (thanks to plays on Christmas Day) when the service recorded the figure on the 26th.

Per the same source, the 24th brought an increase of 8.06 million Spotify streams for “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” compared to 10.96 million on the 25th. The figure dipped (from the record high on Christmas) to 16.30 million on Tuesday, according to the platform, referring to the streams that the song added between the top of the day on Monday and today.

Meanwhile, the holiday hit has climbed to the uppermost spot on the Spotify Global Daily chart with 21.27 million streams identified on the 24th, per the resource. At the time of this writing, the original “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – not the version featuring Justin Bieber and Carey – had cracked 1.42 billion streams on Spotify.

Also worth noting is that the ever-popular song’s pre-Christmas stream influx was enough to keep it atop both the Billboard Global 200 and the Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) charts for the period spanning December 16th through December 22nd.

During the stretch, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” added 108.1 million streams (an increase of 16 percent) and 17,000 units sold (a six percent jump) on the Global 200, according to Billboard, against 65.1 million streams (a boost of 14 percent) and 6,000 downloads (an 11 percent improvement) on the chart that excludes stateside data.

Needless to say, it’ll be worth following the ways in which the Black Irish owner Carey capitalizes upon the track’s ongoing reach in the approaching years, particularly as interactive digital platforms continue to evolve.

Besides entertaining diehard fans with the aforesaid in-person shows, turning one of these performances into a CBS special, and penning all manner of related social-media posts, Venmo-partnered Carey offered an EOS-sponsored set in the world of Roblox.

While the virtual gig’s viewership (and revenue) specifics haven’t been publicly revealed, evidence has suggested that performances in gaming universes are highly lucrative.