Bad Bunny Throws Surprise Concert — On Top of a Gas Station in Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny gas station concert puerto rico

Photo Credit: otramarinamas TikTok

Bad Bunny threw a surprise holiday concert on top of a gas station this weekend for his native country Puerto Rico.

The singer gave away more than 25,000 presents to fans of all ages through his Good Bunny Foundation’s Bonita Tradicion gift drive in San Juan. Following that, the musician climbed on top of a gas station for an impromptu concert for everyone in attendance. He filmed part of a music video for his single “La Jumpa,” which attracted a large crowd.

Once he realized a large crowd had gathered, Bad Bunny treated those fans to a performance of several songs. He performed “Gato de Noche,” “Efecto,” “Me Porto Bonito,” and “El Apagón.” The event was captured by many fans and posted to social media like TikTok and Instagram. Clips of the musician jumping up and down on the gas station can be seen.

Bad Bunny’s gift drive collected art supplies, sports equipment, and instruments to hand out to fans across Puerto Rico to encourage creativity. Food and drinks were also served at the event, which also featured live music and a meet-and-greet with Bad Bunny.

“We want to close the year in the best way, bringing a bit of joy, hope, and love to the children with an event that reflects the best of this time with a very special emphasis on the traditions of our island,” says José “Che Juan” Torres, the Good Bunny Foundation Director in a press statement.

The impromptu concert follows a call from the Mexican president for the musician to return to Mexico City for another show. More than 1,000 fans who bought legitimate tickets to see Bad Bunny were denied entry to the stadium by Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster said the tickets were fraudulent but later said the ticketing system became overwhelmed and determined some legitimate tickets were marked fraudulent. Mexican President Lopez Obrador asked the musician to return for another performance.

“Hopefully he comes. It made us very emotional to see sad young people who couldn’t enter because their tickets were cloned, because they were cheated, some crying. They saved for a long time to be able to buy their tickets,” he adds.