Facebook Shutting Down Creator Studio in Favor of Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite
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Meta Business Suite
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Photo Credit: Alex Haney

After long featuring two different tools for managing profiles and pages, Facebook is officially shutting down Creator Studio in favor of Meta Business Suite, urging users to migrate to the latter.

Facebook is phasing out its Creator Studio dashboard-style interface in favor of Meta Business Suite and encourages users to switch over to manage their pages and profiles. Social media consultant Matt Navarra explained the plan’s details on Twitter as presented to users.

“We’re actively working to bring Meta’s creator tools together in one place,” says Meta, stressing that users will be able to access all their existing content and data once they switch to Meta Business Suite.

“We’ve updated Meta Business Suite to include your tools from Creator Studio,” Meta explains. “Now you’ll have the creator tools you need, along with more advanced tools to manage your professional presence and activity across Facebook and Instagram in one place.”

Facebook has yet to announce an exact date for the shutdown of the Creator Studio but has said that it will be “soon.” But many artists have already started using Business Suite over Creator Studio to take advantage of the more business and advertising-focused features of Meta Business Suite. Those that have yet to start migrating to Business Suite would be wise to begin doing so as soon as possible since the date of the shutdown of Creator Studio is unclear.

Users have been able to switch back and forth between the two dashboard experiences for a while now, as Meta wants creators to familiarize themselves with the new experience. Fortunately, those who prefer Creator Studio will rest assured that their content and data will still be available in Business Suite once they switch. 

Meta has also stated they are in the process of adding new features and updates to its Business Suite as it works to merge creator tools and business tools into one suite.

“More creator-focused tools will be added to Meta Business Suite during 2022-2023,” the company says, having released the platform as the Facebook Business Suite in 2021. 

The Business Suite app is available on desktop and mobile to provide users with multiple ways to access the platform.