Distributor And Publisher M.A.D Solutions Chooses AlexProMix for All Dolby Atmos Mixes

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Future proof your tracks by getting up to date with Dolby Atmos, a new standard of music.

The following comes from AlexProMix, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

AlexProMix helps record labels get exposure on their artists’ music by providing Dolby Atmos mixes to music companies. Today, African-based distributor and publisher M.A.D Solutions announces their exclusive deal with AlexProMix, as their only Dolby Atmos mixer.

Dolby Atmos made accessible for record labels 

Spatial Audio is how music lovers and consumers experience immersive music mixes made in Dolby Atmos and available on music streaming platforms today. For that, we have to thank Apple Music, who added the Dolby Atmos format to all its users’ libraries. At no extra costs, the listening experience got more immersive for everyone, and all rival platforms are aligning with the offer.

For AlexProMix’s team, the analysis is clear. Dolby Atmos is well on its way to become a new music industry standard. The format needs to be added to artists’ development strategies to be able to compete on these very platforms, but also to keep up with the sound quality available.

There is a momentum on Spatial Audio, and no music company should miss it. Dolby Atmos helps getting more exposure and making more of an impact on music streaming platforms, which can help artists on the rise.

High quality for the rise of African artists

On another note, Africa is now one of the most promising markets for the music industry, and more specifically for the streaming industry. We’re even seeing streaming revenue projections reaching $314 million for 2026. Added to the fact that Dolby Atmos is now taking up more space on these platforms, the strategy unravels itself.

Understandably, music from the African continent has been buzzing with interest from the industry. So much so that some major music companies are even looking to tie partnerships with local music companies to take on Nigerian or South African artists on the international scene.

M.A.D Solutions has been working with artists such as Reekado Banks, P-Square, Simi… All African artists emerging on an international level, ready to be promoted worldwide. AlexProMix is here to help them with that.

The best of Dolby Atmos mixing for M.A.D Solutions by AlexProMix

To make sure that their artists get the best exposure possible, M.A.D Solutions is teaming up with AlexProMix as their exclusive Dolby Atmos mixer. All tracks, from new releases to back catalog, will go through Alex Solano (founder and CEO) to get the Dolby Atmos master.

In signing this exclusive deal, M.A.D Solutions is securing a long term relationship with an already acculturated partner to their catalog. Dolby Atmos adoption rate is growing at an impressive speed among the main music platforms in the world. M.A.D Solutions is staying ahead of the curve and building their presence in Dolby Atmos, with the help of AlexProMix.

About M.A.D Solutions

M.A.D Solutions is Africa’s leading music distribution & publishing, digital marketing, and label service provider with business operations in the US, Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria.

About AlexProMix

AlexProMix helps record labels and distributors to grow from the exposure provided by Dolby Atmos, generating more revenue from streaming. The founder, Alex Solano, has been working in the music industry for about 20 years and has delivered over 100 mixes in Dolby Atmos during the last year.