Track Your Music’s Journey on the Web With Too Lost’s Usage Discovery Tool, Powered by Pex

Too Lost music usage discovery tool

Photo Credit: Too Lost x Pex

Once you’ve created your music, understanding how your audience interacts with it is essential to promotional success. Enter Usage Discovery by Too Lost.

The following was created in collaboration with Too Lost, a company DMN is proud to be partnered with.

Digital distribution for music has opened up a huge new market for how music is consumed. Fans consume music in new ways beyond just listening to tracks now. They can become essential parts of a Twitch streamer’s identity or feature prominently as the opening theme for a popular podcast. The best way for independent artists to monitor their music across the internet is through Too Lost’s Usage Discovery, which is a first of its kind product offering powered by Pex.  

Independent musicians and artists can receive insights, data, and information on where their music is being used and consumed across various social media applications. Some of those integrations include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, and others.

Usage Discovery costs $1.50 per month per track that is monitored as an introductory price for the service. It is free for artists and labels who have exclusive distribution deals with Too Lost. So what sort of data insights can independent artists gain from Usage Discovery insights on their music tracks?

Each time an artist’s music is used on a supported social platform, a wide berth of data is gathered. That includes the source URL for the share, the user URL for the person who shared the music, the sharer’s name, and the title of the content they posted featuring the music. Also included are the total views, shares, likes, comments, and user time stamps so you can identify your content in hours-long content (i.e., Twitch Clips). 

This Usage Discovery data collection makes it possible to identify leaks when they happen–giving artists a way to manage leaks and infringements of their musical catalog proactively. Ready to take the next step and track your music’s journey across the web? You can learn the moment someone across the globe discovers your music and shares it via social media with Too Lost and Usage Discovery.