Marilyn Manson Faces Yet Another Sexual Assault Lawsuit — This Time, From a Minor

Marilyn Manson sexual assault lawsuit
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Marilyn Manson sexual assault lawsuit
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Photo Credit: Livioandronico2013 / CC by 4.0

Marilyn Manson faces yet another sexual assault lawsuit — this time, from a minor.

Just a week after Marilyn Manson settled a lawsuit brought on by actress Esmé Bianco who had filed a suit claiming the singer had sexually assaulted her — a new lawsuit has emerged filed by a woman who claims Manson sexually assaulted her when she was 16 and then later when she was an adult.

Jane Doe filed the lawsuit to protect the woman’s privacy as a victim of sexual assault. The lawsuit names Brian Warner, the singer’s real name, alongside his labels Interscope Music Publishing and Nothing Records as defendants; the publishers are also named for their alleged knowledge of the singer’s conduct.

“As a result of Brian Warner’s sexual abuse and assault, enabled and encouraged by Defendants Interscope and Nothing Records, Plaintiff has suffered severe emotional, physical, and psychological distress, including shame, and guilt, economic loss, economic capacity, and emotional loss,” the lawsuit states.

Jane Doe claims she was 16 in 1995 when she met Manson at a concert, after which he invited her and other girls on his tour bus. While on the bus, Manson “performed various acts of criminal sexual conduct upon Plaintiff, who was a virgin at the time, including but not limited to forced copulation and vaginal penetration. One of the band members watched Defendant Warner sexually assault Plaintiff. Plaintiff was in pain, scared, upset, humiliated, and confused,” reads the lawsuit.

Afterward, the suit claims that Manson “laughed at her. Plaintiff is informed and thereon alleges that all of the sexually abusive and harassing conduct alleged herein was done to satisfy Defendant Warner’s own prurient sexual desires. Then Defendant Warner demanded Plaintiff to ‘get the f— off of my bus’ and threatened Plaintiff that, if she told anyone, he would kill her and her family.”

Afraid to tell anyone what had happened to her for fear Manson would make good on his claim, Jane Doe says she started using drugs for the first time, which began a lifelong addiction. Manson then began contacting her at home, “soliciting Plaintiff to send explicit photos of her and her friends to his fan club, Satan’s Bakesale. Defendant Warner also began communicating with Plaintiff directly through an Internet chat group.”

The lawsuit alleges that she then attended another Marilyn Manson show, this time in New Orleans, “acting on the encouragement and insistence” of Manson. Again she was brought to his tour bus, where he “groomed” her by “complimenting her, playing with her hair, and looking at the photos and drawings she brought with her.” She says she then experienced a second sexual assault.

At the age of 19, when she was addicted to drugs and alcohol, Jane Doe says she was again lured into Manson’s “dark world,” made to feel “special and chosen” by the singer while he supplied her drugs and continued to “groom, harass, and sexually abuse” her.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and an injunction prohibiting the defendants from “future unlawful business practices including, but not limited to, exposing minors and vulnerable adults to sexual abuse and exploitation.”