Spotify’s ‘Preferred Distributor’ List Now Includes 23 Companies

Spotify preferred distributor list
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Spotify preferred distributor list
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Photo Credit: Sara Kurfeß

Spotify’s ‘Preferred Distributor’ List now includes 23 companies — up from only five just a few years ago.

Since 2018, Spotify has enabled artists to upload their tracks onto the platform directly through Spotify For Artists, which is accessible through a Spotify-approved list of distributors. However, the list of recommended distributors began with only five. Now that list has expanded to include 23 distribution companies.

When Spotify For Artists entered beta and became available for general artist and label use several years ago, the company had a minimal list of distributors they recommended. Nevertheless, the list of approved distributors has always been much more expansive, so artists and labels could theoretically use whichever distributor they preferred.

Notably, Spotify’s artist distributor list still contains only five “preferred” companies, but the list of recommended distributors is more expansive. The listed companies will handle licensing and distribution to streaming services not limited to Spotify and pay artists royalties earned from listener streams. All providers listed offer instant access to Spotify For Artists for all their users.

Spotify Preferred Artist Distributors

  • DistroKid
  • CD Baby
  • EmuBands
  • Record Union
  • Vydia

Spotify Recommended Artist Distributors

  • iGroove
  • Amuse
  • ONErpm
  • Proton
  • TuneCore
  • recordJet

Spotify Preferred Label Distributors

This section is for those who work at a label and want to get their music on Spotify. These companies handle licensing and distribution to streaming services and pay artists the royalties earned when listeners stream.

  • The Orchard
  • Believe
  • FUGA
  • InnerCat Music Group
  • ZVONKO digital
  • Soulspazm
  • Alpha Pup
  • ampsuite
  • Repost by SoundCloud
  • IDOL
  • Kontor New Media
  • GoodToGo
  • e-Muzyka
  • Symphonic
  • Secretly Distribution
  • Cinq Music Group
  • Syntax Creative

Spotify Recommended Label Distributors

  • Absolute Label Services
  • Uniqueopia
  • Redeye Worldwide
  • Label Engine
  • Proton
  • Feiyr
  • Independent Digital
  • Qanawat Music
  • MUGO
  • Jamvana
  • Ingrooves
  • dig dis!
  • Bquate Music
  • Almus Music
  • Cargo Records UK

Spotify Recommended Delivery Platforms

For those who don’t need help with the licensing side of things, these companies “will get your music and metadata where it needs to go.”

  • FUGA
  • EMS
  • Labelcamp
  • AudioSalad
  • ampsuite
  • SonoSuite

Spotify notes that its investment in any provider does not affect those featured on the provider directory nor any decisions about how content is treated on Spotify’s platform.