Tipalti and Thematic Partner To Provide Artists Full Visibility Into Music Usage

Photo Credit: Andreas Forsberg
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Photo Credit: Andreas Forsberg
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Photo Credit: Andreas Forsberg

Thematic and Tipalti bring transparency to influencer marketing.

The following comes from Tipalti, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Influencer marketing is an essential piece to an artist’s music marketing and song promotion flow. However, many artists are still kept in the dark about their campaign results and are not able to measure their song success or receive their earnings efficiently.

To help independent music artists overwhelmed by these frustrations and to provide them visibility on how and where their songs have been used and promoted, Thematic created a platform to streamline the song promotion process and bring transparency and data to an otherwise ever-changing sector.

Together with their payments partner Tipalti, they’ve been able to extend this transparency to artist UGC earnings – defining a new standard in influencer and community marketing.

Thematic leads the charge in transparency in influencer marketing for independent music artists

Thematic is a community-driven marketing platform where content creators can license music from artists in exchange for promotion. Independent artists as a result have their music promoted across social media, unlocking discovery opportunities within new fan communities.

This type of community-centric marketing can unlock new cohorts of listeners for artists completely organically. It enables them to seamlessly reach fan communities and audiences that may have been previously overlooked in their other marketing efforts.

Artists and content creators are flocking to join Thematic’s rapidly growing community of 600k+ highly-engaged creatives. New songs are dropped twice a week, with a 98% song placement success rate.

What artists love most about Thematic is their artist dashboard, with performance stats detailing exactly how and where their music is being featured in videos and detailed payment breakdowns, which are powered by an integration with Tipalti. The process Thematic set up allows for an acceleration of transparency behind what happens when the music goes viral.

I love the dashboard where you can see all of your earnings, audience reach, video views, and more. By giving us so many detailed numbers and stats, it allows me to easily share my artist value when I apply for grants and other opportunities with my music.Namoo Nara, Thematic music artist. 

Paying artists how they want, when they want with Tipalti’s integrated software

Since 2019, Thematic has partnered with payment solution Tipalti to process their artists’ YouTube UGC earnings.

Prior to that collaboration, Thematic was processing payments directly, spending tedious hours managing the individual artist accounts and dealing with finance management. No more. Tipalti now processes all artist payments, directly integrated into each artist’s dashboard. 

Most importantly, with Tipalti and Thematic’s partnership, artists get paid monthly, how they want and when they want. Tipalti allows for one of the fastest payment turnaround in the industry, with all their partners.

Within their dashboards, artists are able to see exactly how much earnings they have generated month-by-month and song-by-song, and withdraw their earnings easily in just a couple clicks with the Tipalti API integration.

It was important for Thematic to find a trusted payments partner that provided earnings transparency and allowed them to scale payments efficiently with their growing artist community. Additionally, with artists located around the world, Thematic appreciated Tipalti’s approach in providing a variety of payment options to fit their international users – from Paypal and ACH payments to Wire Transfers and eChecks, the artists can choose the solution that makes the most sense for them.

Artists on Thematic never miss a payment with the automated and integrated Tipalti payment experience. With the most intuitive email triggers built-in, Tipalti makes sure artists can easily track their payment status, flag any errors, and overall make it a super easy process to get their money in their pockets without issue.

“Then as I quickly input my information without even realizing the gracious fortune ahead, next thing I knew I got my first check,” said Gil Wanders, Thematic music artist. “I didn’t expect how frequently I’d get paid until the third consistent check came, and it got higher and higher and it reached a point to where I never thought I would ever reach in my life anytime soon in my music career… I would definitely recommend this to anyone who may need a slight boost in their career, or life in general. I’ve told fellow artists as well and they have already seen the change too!”

On the Thematic side, the direct integration Tipalti offers with Quickbooks makes it easy for their accounts payable department to track and report payments accurately.

The Perfect Combo: How Thematic and Tipalti are paving the way for new standards in the creator economy

Such a harmony between the two partners leads to a collaboration beyond payments. 

“Tipalti has been a great support partner throughout our creator events,” says Stephanie Leyva, Thematic’s Director of Partnerships. “They’ve collaborated with us since the first integration and supported our growing community with creator economy industry dinners, sponsored creator events, and more. Tipalti is truly built for our scale and integrates perfectly with our fast-growing creator platform. They are a clear leader for us in supporting the creator economy as a whole.” 

Tipalti has proven to be a supportive partner to Thematic, willing to activate networks to be part of the conversations with creators and artists. For instance, Tipalti is hosting a webinar on synergies in the Creator Economy on February 14th – sign up today!