Warner Chappell Music Korea Signs a Global Publishing Deal with MZMC Inc.

Warner Chappell Music MZMC Inc. publishing deal
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Warner Chappell Music MZMC Inc. publishing deal
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Photo Credit: MZMC Inc.

Warner Chappell Music Korea announces signing a global publishing deal with MZMC Inc., a leading production and publishing company in expanding K-pop worldwide.

Warner Chappell Music has signed a worldwide publishing agreement with MZMC Inc., a prominent production and publishing company leading the global expansion of K-pop. 

Under the partnership, Warner Chappell Music receives global publishing admin rights to MZMC’s entire catalog, including songs like Taeyeon’s “Fine,” EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop,” “Love Shot,” and “Tempo,” “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” by Red Velvet, and “We Go Up” by NCT Dream.

A pioneer in the Korean music industry, MZMC Inc. plays a critical role in the expansion of K-pop throughout the world. With a roster of over 20 talented songwriters and producers and a catalog of nearly 250 songs, the company was founded by Paul Thompson (known professionally as MZMC), one of the most respected songwriters and producers in Korea.

Initially from California, Thompson is the mastermind behind many of the hottest K-pop songs in the region as the only non-Korean to be signed as an in-house songwriter by JYP Entertainment. Thompson worked in partnership with SM Entertainment before starting up his own MARZ Music Group, which became the first production company run by a non-Korean to be signed to Lee Soo Man’s publishing house, EKKO Music Rights.

In 2019, Thompson founded MZMC Inc. Korea Co., Ltd., which has recently added an Artist Management Division to its business scope and is working on developing and debuting a new female K-pop idol group.

“As MZMC Inc. Korea Co., Ltd. continues to grow, uniting with a globally recognizable, powerful, and trend-setting publishing brand such as Warner Chappell Music is essential to expand our reach throughout the world,” says Thompson. “We are excited that Warner Chappell Music is now MZMC Inc Korea Co., Ltd.’s worldwide publishing partner and hope that together, we can proliferate our unique music, songwriters, and artists to fans in all territories and regions of the world.”

“We couldn’t be more delighted to partner with Paul and his team to enhance their efforts and help introduce their brilliant songwriters to new audiences around the world,” adds Brian Jenkins, Vice President of Business Development, Asia Pacific, for Warner Chappell Music.

“This partnership represents another important step in Warner Chappell Music’s ongoing effort to strengthen and expand our position as a leader in K-pop music,” says CJ Kim, General Manager of Warner Chappell Music Korea. “We are delighted to join forces with MZMC Inc. Korea Co., Ltd. and look forward to bringing more K-pop music to an ever-wider audience, maximizing opportunities for their incredible work on a global scale.”