Laptop Filled with Unreleased Michael Jackson Content Stolen

Michael Jackson laptop
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Michael Jackson laptop
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Photo Credit: James Kovin

Unreleased Michael Jackson content was stolen along with a laptop and hard drive belonging to engineer Brad Sundberg.

Around 50 GB of unreleased Michael Jackson content, including unreleased songs, have leaked after a laptop and hard drive belonging to MJ’s engineer, Brad Sundberg, were stolen at a seminar in January.

Kurrco, a Twitter account that tracks music leaks, was the first to break the news, calling the incident “one of the wildest music leaks in years.”

“Apparently, the guy who stole the laptop escaped by jumping out of a window,” the account shares.

Brad Sundberg spent nearly two decades working with Michael Jackson, joining the legendary performer’s team in 1985. Sundberg was actively involved in the studio production of four Michael Jackson albums: BAD, Dangerous, HIStory, and Blood On the Dance Floor. 

These days, Brad Sundberg runs In the Studio with MJ, a website and interactive space dedicated to his experiences in music and with the Michael Jackson studio production team. Sundberg shared a video with the Kurrco account discussing the theft.

In his video, Sunberg compliments the staff and space in which he’s working on the Jackson material before discussing the individual who stole his computer containing the Jackson content and climbed on the roof to escape.

“Today was a rough day,” Sundberg’s video begins. “I think some of the forums are already starting to pick up on this, but I thought I would just talk to you directly myself.”

“It seems as though one of our guests stole my laptop and one of my hard drives,” he explains. “I’m not going to name names, and I’m certainly not going to show any pictures. We do know who it is. And we are working with the police, and we’re doing all we can to bring this to some sort of a resolution.”

“It’s just frustrating,” he continues. “It’s hurtful, and it’s frustrating when something you worked so hard for — and 99% of our guests are absolutely wonderful, fantastic people. And unfortunately, something like this happens.”