TikTok Announces Beabadoobee As Next #AltMusic Featured Artist

TikTok #AltMusic Beabadoobee

Photo Credit: TikTok

TikTok has named Beabadoobee its next #AltMusic featured artist on the platform.

The feature comes after the release of her single, “Glue Song” which debuted on TikTok at the beginning of February. The full release debuted on February 14 and fans have created over 22,000 videos featuring the song since then. TikTok launched its #AltMusic hashtag last year as an evergreen source of new music discovery for the platform. It’s aim is for the hashtag to become the best new place to discover alternative artists, culture, accounts, content, and music.

“Thank you so much TikTok for featuring me in #AltMusic,” Beabadoobee added. “I love connecting with my fans on the platform.” Other acts featured in the #AltMusic hashtag include Wet Leg and Rachel Chinouriri.

Beabadoobee is an incredibly talented, multi-disciplined songwriter who is paving the way in multi-genre alt-pop. She shares snippets of her own music with her 1.9 million followers, giving them a sneak peek into her creative music-making process.

She recently previewed her latest track called “Glue Song” on TikTok at the beginning of February. Beabadoobee also shows off her playful side to fans by sharing videos of the latest dance trends and viral trending sounds with her friends.

TikTok is regularly featuring new artists on its #AltMusic hashtag, which it has established a microsite with playlists, artist LIVES, and much more. The hub features many alternative artists at the forefront of the genre including Wet Leg, Crawlers, Bears in Trees, and many more.

In November 2022, the TikTok #AltMusic hashtag hosted a livestream of Wet Leg during their Kentish Town show. Wet Leg found massive success both on and off the platform with their self-titled debut album, released April 2022. The album topped the charts in the UK and Australia, with the band regularly posting snippets and behind the scenes content to their TikTok page.