How Do I Create a Spotify Playlist to Share Music with My Friend?

how to create a spotify playlist for just a friend
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how to create a spotify playlist for just a friend
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Looking for a unique way to share your music tastes with a friend? Create a Spotify Blend playlist using your favorite songs.

Curious what your friends are listening to? Want to share your music tastes with someone else? Spotify’s Blend feature automatically creates a curated playlist shared between people that updates daily. Here’s how to Blend and share playlists on Spotify.

What is a Spotify Blend Playlist?

Created using only the mobile app on your phone or tablet, Spotify Blend is a unique way to share music with others and discover the music your friends are into using a shared playlist. The Blend playlist is generated based on the favorite and most-listened songs of yourself and another user and features a Taste Match rating to compare your music interests.

A Blend playlist updates daily based on your listening habits, and you can add more friends to the Blend to keep its algorithm fresh. You can even compare your music tastes to your favorite artists’ by Blending with them — provided they’re using an invite link. 

How Do I Create a Spotify Blend Playlist?

To create a Spotify Blend playlist to share with a friend or family member, both users will need their own Spotify account — but neither will need a Premium subscription. 

On the mobile Spotify app: 

  1. Visit the search page 
  2. Tap the Made For You section and scroll to find the Made For Us section
  3. Tap Create a Blend
  4. Send the unique link to a friend or family member via your messaging service of choice.

After sending the link, the other party must open it on their phone or tablet and tap the Join button. Spotify will then generate a Blend playlist complete with custom cover art and tracklist of songs based on the listening preferences and tastes of you and the other person.

You can view your Blend Story (similar to your Spotify Wrapped) by tapping the three-dot icon, showing your Blend results, how similar your tastes are, and the option to share your Blend Story with others on your social media platforms.

How Do I Share a Spotify Playlist?

To share a Spotify playlist that’s not a Spotify Blend, find the one you want to share and tap the three dots. In the dropdown menu, select Share. You can now select the Spotify URL, your social media network of choice, or a messaging app. You can also share playlists this way on a desktop; there, you’ll also have the option to copy the widget embed code.