Hipgnosis Strikes Partnership with Reactional Music for Gaming Applications

Hipgnosis Reactional Music partnership for gaming

Photo Credit: Fausto Sandoval

Reactional Music has reached an agreement with Hipgnosis Song Management. Here’s the latest.

Reactional Music’s patented technology allows any music to be brought into a game—with the entire game reacting live to that music. It enables gamers to personalize their personas and gameplay with their favorite music in the same way that avatar skins work. Reactional Music is already working with developers on several pilot projects to test the technology.

Reactional is changing the way gamers experience, interact with and enjoy music in games, which opens a new era of music personalization and in-game purchases. For Hipgnosis this means that its catalog and artists’ music can become part of gameplay. That gives Hipgnosis access to millions of gamers as well as the world’s game developers. In-game purchases account for 74% of all games revenue in 2021—a $129 billion market. Currently in-game music revenues account for less than 0.001% of the total market of in-game purchases.

“This partnership brings forward the day when gamers throughout the world can interactively enjoy their favorite songs while playing their favorite games—a step-change in the gamers’ enjoyment and experience. We’re delighted to be able to work with Reactional to help create something which will bring so much pleasure.”

“Right from the first conversations Hipgnosis understood what we are doing at Reactional Music,” adds Reactional Music President David Knox. “We have a shared vision around the importance of the artist and the creator, putting them at the center of what we do, ensuring transparency as part of an ethical and equitable model that works for the artist, the games developer, and the rights holder. The Hipgnosis catalog is a formidable partner for Reactional. Its music and songs are the soundtrack to our lives.”

“The intersection of games and music is incredibly exciting,” Knox continues. Commercially it presents opportunities for both industries with in-game purchases, creatively it is compelling for artists, composers, and games developers to work more closely. And it’s not just new game releases. Reactional’s platform enables curation and personalization of music in existing games franchises as part of a seasonal refresh.”

Reactional’s engine does not alter, mix, or edit the music master. Reactional tracks all music use across it’s platform, so rights holders can see when gamers are interacting with their music. It has partnered with Tuned Global, Musiio, and Blokur for music deliver, consistent tagging, and rights management of all music and sounds.