Lana Del Rey Suggest She Might Pull Out of Glastonbury Over 2023 Line-Up Issues

Lana Del Rey Glastonbury comments over all-male lineup
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Lana Del Rey Glastonbury comments over all-male lineup
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Photo Credit: Jaguar MENA / CC by 2.0

Lana Del Rey suggests she might pull out of Glastonbury over the 2023 line-up debacle.

After Emily Eavis announced the first wave of 2023 Glastonbury Festival performers, Lana Del Rey called out the festival, feeling slighted by its line-up announcement. Eavis revealed that Arctic Monkeys and Guns N’ Roses would headline this year’s Pyramid Stage alongside Elton John and that Lizzo will receive headline billing as Guns N’ Roses’ opening act.

But no effort was made in the announcement or on the festival’s poster to say who would headline the Other Stage, considered the second biggest behind the Pyramid Stage. As it turns out, Lana Del Rey, whose name appears alphabetically on the poster, was slated to headline the Other Stage, which she reminded Glastonbury of in a comment on their Instagram post.

“Thanks for announcing that I was headlining the other stage. Thumbs up,” wrote Del Rey.

A Twitter page that tracks and shares the singer’s private Instagram posts revealed that she is seemingly reconsidering her appearance at this year’s festival.

“Well, I’m actually headlining the 2nd stage,” Lana wrote while sharing the poster. “But since there was no consideration for announcing that, we’ll see.”

Eavis had said that Guns N’ Roses replaced a previously booked female singer who “changed her touring plans,” strongly alluding to Taylor Swift, who was initially set to perform at the 2020 Glastonbury Festival before it was canceled due to COVID restrictions. The US leg of Swift’s highly anticipated Eras tour will make an appearance at Glastonbury this year impossible.

Glastonbury announced in October that it would raise ticket prices for the 2023 festival by £55, with Eavis explaining that they increased it by the minimum possible.

“In order to do the exact same show as last time, we would have had to put £100 on the ticket,” says Eavis. “That’s the amount that costs have gone up.” Altogether, the festival costs around £50 million to organize and run, including free tickets for kids and complementary tote bags given to all attendees.