Amazon Music Launches Hip-Hop & Latin-Focused Channels on Twitch

Amazon Music Twitch

Photo Credit: James Farrell for Amazon Music

Amazon Music has announced two new shows to highlight hip-hop and Latin music.

Rotation Roundtable will focus on highlighting hip-hop music, while La Semanal Live will focus on Latin pop culture. Both shows will be available as a 60-minute podcast that will air on Twitch. Both shows will be inspired by the Rap Rotation and R&B Rotation playlists on Amazon Music. Hosts include Speedy Morman, Nyla Symone, Gabe P, and Rob Markman.

The podcast version of the shows will be available on Amazon Music and the Wondery YouTube page. La Semanal Live is based on a podcast of the same name that focuses on the latest in Latin music and culture. Puerto Rican journalist Gio Rosado will host the show, alongside artist interviews and special guests.

Rotation Roundtable will air on Wednesdays at 9pm EDT on the Amazon Music channel on Twitch starting March 15. La Semanal Live will be hosted on the Amazon Music en Vivo channel on Twitch on Fridays at 9 pm beginning March 24.

“I’m super excited to partner with Amazon Music to bring fans the latest in Latin music in a new way,” adds Rosado. “The show will have a lot of energy, humor, and debate. My goal is to create a show so captivating and engaging that you’ll regret not having tuned in.”

Amazon Music partnered with Twitch back in 2020 to offer both platforms a way to see music on a new level. The move was partly to help Amazon adjust to the pandemic when live touring wasn’t possible, but it’s also helped established artists promote upcoming content via Twitch.

Last year, the Amazon Music Live concert saw artists like A$AP Rocky and Megan Thee Stallion perform for fans across the Amazon Music ecosystem, including its Twitch channel. That integration has worked well to position Amazon Music to compete with the video aspects of YouTube Music and Spotify—which is becoming increasingly important to reach younger audiences.