An AI Radio Station Playing AC/DC Found to Improve Surgeon Operating Skills

AI Radio surgeons
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AI Radio surgeons
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Photo Credit: Piron Guillaume

An AI radio station playing AC/DC created for surgeons can help surgical teams increase their accuracy and efficiency.

Recent clinical research shows that listening to NexMed Health’s new Highway to Heal album — a medical-themed take on AC/DC’s Highway to Hell — can help surgical teams operate more accurately and efficiently. 

The high-fidelity release debuts this week to hundreds of clinicians, scientists, and public health experts, kicking off NextMed Health’s event that inspires and explores the future of health and medicine. The tracks will be available on Lifesaving Radio, the world’s first AI-powered healthcare radio station, with its own AI DJ to personalize the listening experience.

“We are excited to bring Highway to Heal and Lifesaving Radio to the medical community — rock stars in their own right,” says NextMed Health Founder and Chair Daniel Kraft, M.D. “This project brings to life research validating that AC/DC’s music elevates efficiencies in the operating room. It also leverages AI in a unique and engaging way that gives surgical teams a truly customized OR experience — all in support of improving health outcomes.”

Coinciding with the legendary rock band’s 50th anniversary, the Highway to Heal album launch pays homage to 11 of their biggest hits, rewritten to feature an array of health conditions and surgical procedures. Reimagined songs include “It’s a Short Stop at the Doc (If You Wanna Chop a Mole),” “You Sewed Me All Night Long,” and “Back is Cracked.”

Performed by some of the world’s best AC/DC tribute musicians, the album features Ivan Gac of Chile and Michael Vincent of Albany, New York, on vocals, and Sarasota, Florida’s Fil Olivieri on guitar.

The new album begins streaming in April on Lifesaving Radio with host DJ AI Angus. Surgical teams can receive personalized shout-outs and commentary from AI Angus in between tracks, utilizing information entered about the hospital or facility, procedure, and personnel. Curated playlists include music from Highway to Heal and other rock classics similar in tempo and beat.

Developed with Klick Health’s medicine-meets-music concept for NextMed Health, the radio station utilizes data science expertise paired with creative technology to bring the project to life. In addition to writing the lyrics, producing the music, and bringing global talent together, the world’s largest independent health marketing agency created AI Angus and the AI healthcare radio station to personality the operating room experience while maximizing surgical efficiency.

To celebrate the launch, Highway to Heal will be available in limited edition vinyl in classic “hospital scrub blue,” with cover art featuring an illuminated scalpel, stylized in the shape of the AC/DC lightning bolt and engraved with “SR/GN.”

NextMed Health is also presenting the world’s most innovative and brilliant minds in health and biomedicine, speaking on a wide range of subjects over the next few days, including AI, Web3, GPT3, Fungi in Medicine/Psychedelics, Health Equity & Politics, Global Public Health, and Surgery & Technology. The complete list of faculty, speakers, and topics can be found on NextMed Health’s website, where the event can also be live-streamed.