Drake Tickets Reach $1,000 As Ticketmaster ‘Dynamic Pricing’ Goes Wild

Drake tour tickets use dynamic pricing, resulting in sky rocketing prices for major cities

Photo Credit: Ticketmaster

Fans attempting to secure Drake and 21 Savage tickets have lamented the high cost on social media.

The Drake ‘It’s All A Blur Tour‘ with 21 Savage was announced last week. The Cash App presale began on Wednesday and soon complaints about ticket prices began surging on social media. Because Drake opted to use Ticketmaster’s ‘Dynamic Pricing’ scheme, prices range from $300 to $1,000 depending on the city. For example, the cheapest seats at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit are $750. Ticket prices at the Madison Square Garden show range from $572 to $1,143 before fees. 

It’s worth noting that these are the prices Ticketmaster is charging customers outright—resell tickets will be higher. “$200 for nosebleed Drake tickets is criminal, Ticketmaster you will crumble!” tweeted one pissed off fan. 

“So Ticketmaster really turned concerts into luxury experiences with these high *ss prices huh?” writes another. “Why is this Drake & 21 Savage concert $500/ticket? We are being bamboozled!” reads another complaint. 

Others are pointing out just how high tickets have risen since 2016 when Drake was on tour with Future. One fan tweeted his receipt from the 2016 date, which shows he paid $274 for two tickets. In many cities, not even one ticket can be secured for that price (before fees).

“Who tf is paying $1,200 to see Drake. Ticketmaster really saying $995 + $187 in fees,” tweets another person. Ticketmaster also experienced problems that prevented people who were willing to stomach those prices from buying them. “I would like an explanation as to why I have been trying to buy four tickets to the Miami show for an hour now and this is the message I get in every ticket click!” shares a frustrated user with a screenshot of a timeout error. “Wait all this time for a tour to drop to have to go through this to buy!”

The It’s All A Blur tour is Drake’s first tour since 2018, when he toured with the Three Migos.