Apple Music Users Seeing Other People’s Playlists in Their Libraries

Apple Music playlists
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Apple Music playlists
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Photo Credit: Daniel Cañibano

Some Apple Music users are reporting seeing user-made playlists they didn’t create in their libraries.

These seemingly user-created playlists are showing up in libraries of people who did not create them. Users have taken to reddit to discuss the issue, where several reports have surfaced about the bug. Some people are confused and express concerns about their Apple account being hacked, but it appears to be a bug with Apple’s iCloud server.

Some users on reddit have expressed being able to get rid of the unwanted playlists by unsyncing iCloud. Here’s how to do that if you see unrecognized playlists in your Apple Music account.

  1. Open the Apple Music app and navigate to ‘Settings.’
  2. Scroll down and find ‘Apple ID‘ then ‘iCloud.’
  3. Untick the ‘Show All‘ setting and then resync.
  4. Most users report this works in removing the playlists—others say they’re still there.

All of the people reporting this issue say the unrecognized playlists appear in iOS—macOS seems to be unaffected.

The issue has persisted since at least February 2023 and MacRumors suggests the issue could have cropped up with the release of iOS 16.3.1, which contains a release note that certain iCloud settings received a bug fix. Users on reddit have contacted Apple Support to resolve the issue, but no one has received an official acknowledgment of the bug.

This isn’t the first time iCloud has inadvertently shown other people sensitive content from another’s account. Last year some users reported seeing both videos and images from strangers appearing in their iCloud photo library. “On rare occasions, it is inserting stills into videos from unknown sources, possibly others’ iCloud accounts,” reads one bug report on that issue. “I’ve been shown photos of other people’s families I’ve never seen in my life, soccer games, and other random photos. Obviously, this is extremely concerning and does not exactly make me feel safe using iCloud.”