Circus On Broadway: The Hard Rock Band Buzz Out Of Nashville

Photo Credit: Circus On Broadway
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Photo Credit: Circus On Broadway
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Photo Credit: Circus On Broadway

In the heart of Music City, a buzzing rock band called Circus On Broadway is making waves across the industry. With their unique fusion of atmospheric sounds and powerful rhythms, frontman Munday and his talented crew breathe new life into the rock scene.

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Their latest single, “Undivided,” due April 28th and co-written by Munday and producer/guitarist Mike Sanders of Sound Forge Studios, showcases the band’s captivating sound and inspiring story.

Circus On Broadway’s members are no strangers to the music industry, having traveled the world in previous bands dating back to their high school days. These seasoned musicians have shared the stage with notable rock and metal acts while drawing inspiration from Nashville’s rich hard rock, punk, and metal scene. Munday’s love for rock and hardcore music began in his teenage years when he would attend concerts alone, a practice he continues to this day, never hesitating to join the mosh pit.

Now, the band seeks to share their love and passion for music through songs that tell stories of their own experiences: their regrets, joys, pain, and the pursuit of positivity. Circus On Broadway aims to create music transcending tough times and letting listeners headbang to some incredible rock.

Their music often reflects the challenges they have faced in life. “Undivided,” for example, is characterized by Munday’s struggle against emotional and physical abuse from an alcoholic, eventually finding freedom. The song is a testament to overcoming suicide, addiction, and severe depression, encouraging listeners to embrace life with courage and determination. Munday believes music can save lives, as it has been a powerful antidote in his struggles, providing solace and a sense of belonging for those who feel alone in their darkest moments.

What sets Circus On Broadway apart from other bands is their fresh, atmospheric, and powerful sound, bringing a modern twist to traditional rock. This new sound has already earned them airtime on significant rock radio stations and is sure to captivate audiences during live performances.

The band’s accomplishments go beyond their music, with Munday having traveled to 34 countries and playing music worldwide in previous bands and as a solo artist. His musical family found early success, with members receiving residual income from radio and TV spots in New York City and Chicago. Munday’s family moved to Nashville in the 90s, where his father bought Quad Studios and stewarded it for a time.

Circus On Broadway’s members have all had their share of success in previous bands, playing at renowned music festivals worldwide. They acknowledge that breaking through in the competitive Nashville scene is no easy feat, but they remain confident in the unique sound they bring to the table.

In the coming years, Circus On Broadway envisions performing at music festivals and arenas worldwide, sharing the band’s incredible music with as many people as possible. Circus On Broadway aims to be a staple in the playlists and libraries of rock enthusiasts everywhere.

With its captivating sound, compelling stories, and undeniable passion for rock music, Circus On Broadway is poised to impact the industry. As they continue to overcome adversity and share their love for music, this Nashville-based band will leave an indelible mark on the rock scene for years to come.