The ‘Turntable’ Wars Heat Up — Turntable LIVE Raises $7 Million

Turntable LIVE

Photo Credit: Turntable LIVE

The Turntable wars are heating up as Turntable LIVE has announced a $7 million seed funding raise.

The seed funding raise was led by Founders Fund and f7 Ventures. Along with the funding, advisors Julia Tang (Discord, Instagram), George Howard (TuneCore), and Johnathan Hull (Facebook) are also joining. The press release with the funding announcement also references the Turntable wars.

“Created by Joseph Perla, Turntable LIVE has become what Perla laid out more than a decade ago,” the release begins. “If the name sounds familiar, you may be remembering an old, legacy Turntable, which crumbled under co-founder disagreements and did not launch with global music licenses or a mobile app. is an all-new company that is doing things right.”

Turntable LIVE is leaning into its social aspects as a collaborative platform for music listeners. “We’ve created Turntable LIVE with a positive-sum approach in mind,” Perla says. “People need joyful, meaningful social experiences online and music can facilitate that. Music needs more and more compelling ways to reach people and bring them together. Turntable LIVE accomplishes both, as one of the first truly participatory places online for music enjoyment and real-time social interaction.”

Despite the seed funding round, the Turntable LIVE platform still isn’t open to the general public yet. If you’re eager to try it out and see what it has to offer, you’ll have to join the invite-only beta. A public version of Turntable LIVE is set to launch sometime in 2023.

“We believe the fans of Turntable in 2011, created one of the most important and effective tools for delivering on the promise of shared experiences, not isolation,” Turntable LIVE says about its new platform. “TT’s rapid adoption by millions of users in an extraordinarily organic viral method over the course of just three months demonstrated the demand for this type of shared, interactive music discovery experience.”

“We pledge to support and bring exposure to products or services that align with these values,” the release continues. “We believe in the legacy and ability of the team creating the all-new Turntable, as well as everyone who works with them—from labels to DSPs to fans. Because music is better together.”