VerseOne Distribution Offers New Interface for Artists to Track Their Music Career

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Photo Credit: VerseOne

VerseOne Distribution is launching a new revamped dashboard for artists to more effectively manage their career from a centralized dashboard. Here’s how it works.

The following was created in collaboration with VerseOne, a company DMN is proud to be partnered with.

The newly developed in-house software helps make the distribution process more streamlined so users can manage their profiles, social media, royalty reporting and more from one location. Earlier this year, the VerseOne website received a facelift to help it extend and enhance the services it provides to recording studios, record labels, and performers. 

Following the successful revamp of its website and user dashboard, VerseOne is also looking at implementing a new Studio Partnership Program. Under this program, recording studios will be able to recommend great musicians to VerseOne in exchange for referral rewards. VerseOne aims to provide artists with as many opportunities as possible and the resources to achieve success as independent artists.

“We recognize that music distribution is only a small piece of the puzzle,” adds Polycarp Asuquo, CEO of VerseOne Distribution. “Therefore, we’ve taken feedback from musicians and industry professionals and completely transformed our user system to include tools and features as a way for artists to fine-tune their promotional strategies.

VerseOne Distribution offers music distribution, publishing, and sync services to independent artists and labels across the globe. They have partnerships in place with more than 280+ digital service providers (DSPs) including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Pandora. VerseOne’s platform ensures artists receive royalty payments from digital music stores in any niche market. 

What’s New in the Revamped VerseOne Distribution Interface?

The newly revamped interface for VerseOne Distribution will include a granular look at analytics and more. Here’s a small peek at some of the new tracking features:

  • Radio Airplay Tracking
  • Music Charts Tracking
  • Artist Social Media Stats Tracking
  • Dolby Atmos Audio File Conversion
  • Deep Analytics Reports
  • Drag n’ Drop File Uploading for Audio & Video Distribution
  • Video Thumbnail Generator
  • Apple Music Video ProRes Encoding
  • Royalty Reports and Customized Payouts
  • User ID Verification

Tracking radio airplay means musicians can gauge how well their work is perceived by audiences across the globe. Radio airplay tracking can assist in identifying regions where your music is most popular, which can then help inform future tour and marketing initiatives. Musicians may also determine which songs and tones resonate with specific audiences based on their physical location. That can be helpful for planning future releases among fans.

Chart-tracking means keeping an eye on more than just dominant platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. VerseOne offers a deep dive into granular analytics from global DSPs to see where your music is being played. Musicians and creatives are consistently surprised by where their music finds traction—and chart-tracking helps understand why.

Finally, the socials tracking feature in the VerseOne dashboard lets artists and creatives stay on top of their social media presence from one place. See how well your posts are doing across multiple social media platforms from the most popular like Instagram and YouTube to niche socials aimed at unique communities. Stop wasting time online spread across multiple sites when you can see your success measured together in a unified dashboard from VerseOne.

How Does VerseOne Distribution Work?

Are you an independent artist looking for a music distributor that can help you manage your career? Here’s how the process works. You as an independent artist or label applies to join VerseOne Distribution. The VerseOne onboarding team checks and approves or declines the application. Once approved, an online distribution contract is sent for e-signing. After the contract is signed, the artist/label will receive a welcome email with login information for the user platform. Now the artist/label can begin uploading music to VerseOne for distribution. 

The VerseOne QC Process Prevents Metadata Errors & Copyright Infringements

Once music is uploaded to the platform, it undergoes a rigorous quality control check. First the submitted music goes through ACRcloud fingerprinting checks for copyright infringement. Then the VerseOne in-house QC team checks for content or metadata errors before approving an audio file for distribution.

After the primary quality control is complete, a second round of checks is done. With the second round complete with no errors, the audio file is marked as ready for delivery to DSPs around the globe. Once delivered, the music goes live to selected stores within minutes. VerseOne then begins collecting royalties from the respective DSPs to process and pay the artists and labels it represents.