Human Artistry Campaign Coalition Adds 25 New Members — Including AIM, Impala, and WIN

Human Artistry Campaign
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Human Artistry Campaign
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Photo Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The AI-focused Human Artistry Campaign has grown 50% after its debut at SXSW 2023. It now includes 70+ members across the globe after just two weeks.

Collective support among new members spans journalism, photography, and voice actors, as well as major global organizations representing songwriters, composers, publishers, and independent music. The Human Artistry Coalition is now poised to speak authoritatively on how AI can develop in ways that strengthen the creative ecosystem while continuing to recognize the unique and irreplaceable role of human artistry in culture and the arts.

“Almost daily since we launched, new groups have reached out to join the cause,” a spokesperson from the HAC told Digital Music News. “It’s a testament to the unifying power of the Human Artistry Campaign’s seven core principles and the broader creative community’s intense focus on this issue.”

While creators in the past have waited out emerging technologies, the Human Artistry Campaign is moving aggressively to join the AI debate at the front end. “Creators aren’t waiting to be invited to the table this time,” the Coalition spokesperson continues.

“We are claiming our seat and speaking up now, while there is time to work together with tech to ensure AI is trained and deployed in ways that follow all relevant laws and respect creators’ and performers’ rights.”

Curious about the Human Artistry Campaign’s seven core principles? You can also see all individuals and organizations who support the coalition here. The 25 new members who have joined include:

  • American Photographic Artists
  • ASIAR (Asociacion De Sellos Independientes De Argentina)
  • Association of American Literary Agents
  • Association of Independent Music
  • Belgian Independent Music Association
  • Center for Individual Freedom
  • European Writers’ Council
  • Featured Artists Coalition
  • Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana (FIMI)
  • Impala
  • Independent Music Publishers
  • International Forum
  • International Confederation of Music Publishers
  • Music Canada
  • Music Publishers Canada
  • National Association of Voice Actors
  • Newsguild — Communications Workers of America
  • NSAIPRoduction Music Association
  • Screen Composers Guild of Canada
  • Society of Composers & Lyricists
  • Songwriters Guild of America
  • STOMP (Stichting Onafhankkelijke Muziekproduducenten)
  • UK Publishers Association
  • Union Des Producteurs Phonographiques Francais Independants (UPFI)
  • Union Fonografica Independiente Verband Unabhangiger
  • German Association of Independent Musicians & Music Companies
  • Austrian Association of Independent Labels, Music Publishers & Producers
  • Worldwide Independent Network