PMC & UMG Partner at NAMM to Highlight Immersive Audio Music Mixing, Lucid Motors


Photo Credit: Sebbi Strauch

Loudspeaker manufacturer PMC and Universal Music Group (UMG) have partnered to highlight immersive audio possibilities at this year’s National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) exhibition.

The two companies will showcase PMC monitors and UMG’s industry-leading catalog of immersive audio via an immersive audio and video experience at the PMC booth 15908. UMG and PMC have collaborated on numerous projects to build and equip Dolby Atmos music mixing studios. Since the start of their partnership in 2010, when PMC monitors were installed in Capitol Records Studios in Hollywood, PMC has become the benchmark for UMG’s Dolby Atmos Music studios.

This year’s NAMM exhibition in Anaheim, California will take place from April 13-15. The immersive audio and video experience will take place in a specially constructed demo suite featuring 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos Music-enabled PMC monitors that are perfectly suited to mixing music in new immersive audio formats, utilizing UMG’s impressive catalog of Dolby Atmos mixes and artists. NAMM attendees can experience the immersive sound experience that is equipped in UMG Studios around the globe.

At NAMM, UMG and PMC will host a series of high-profile seminars featuring leading lights from the immersive audio mixing and mastering community. These luminaries will share their expertise and highlight best practices when digital mixing and mastering immersive audio music. The seminars will take place over the three days of the show.

Among the distinguished list of speakers taking part are engineers Steve Genewick, Nick Rives, and Colin Heldt, as well as a presentation from Dennis Wolfe, UMe’s Senior Vice President of A&R. Additional speakers include producers Andrew Scheps, Mike Miller, Bainz, Gary Lux, Mike Tucci, Aaron Forbes, Moritz Braun and Matt Cerritos; mastering engineers Dale Becker, Ronald Prent: and the team from Infrasonic Mastering.

“NAMM 2023 gives PMC and UMG the perfect opportunity to showcase our important role in the immersive audio market,” adds Maurice Patist, President of PMC USA and head of Pro Global. “There is no doubt that PMC monitors are now the de facto standard for immersive audio facilities, not least because, as a technology partner of Universal Music Group, we have been championing this format for more than five years. Having a 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos enabled system in our NAMM demo suite will allow visitors to experience this exciting new format by hearing it demonstrated through PMC’s world-class monitoring products.”

Lucid Motors, an automotive partner of UMG, will park a Lucid Air with built-in Dolby Atmos music speaker system at the booth throughout the show. The aim is to demonstrate the significant impact that immersive audio is having within the automotive cabin.