Pearl Jam Tickets Will Be Non-Transferrable on Upcoming Tour — Though 10% Will Be Sold at ‘Market Rate’

Pearl Jam tickets
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Pearl Jam tickets
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Photo Credit: Rocco Caruso

Pearl Jam is hitting the road again this year to tour across nine cities—with some stipulations to ticket sales.

Public tickets are being sold through the Ticketmaster Verified Fan program, the cause of much grief for Taylor Swift fans. Ticket sale for verified fans begins on April 28 at 10 am local time. So what is Pearl Jam doing to fight high ticket prices? Well, tickets for the tour are non-transferable for starters.

“To continue to protect fans’ access to fairly priced tickets, Pearl Jam has decided to make tickets non-transferable where permitted, and by selling approximately 10% of tickets through PJ Premium at the market rate to offset increased costs. Tickets on this tour will continue to be non-transferable in all states except Illinois where it is prohibited by law. We apologize in advance to Illinois fans who may be subject to increased ticket prices on the secondary market.”

“Pearl Jam will use all-in pricing across this tour for the first time. This means the ticket price you see listed is the full out-of-pocket price inclusive of fees so there are no surprises at checkout,” the announcement continues.

Pearl Jam 2023 Tour Dates


  • 31 | Xcel Energy Center — St. Paul, MN


  • 02 | Xcel Energy Center — St. Paul, MN
  • 05 | United Center — Chicago, IL
  • 07 | United Center — Chicago, IL
  • 10 | Ruoff Music Center — Indianapolis, IN
  • 13 | Dickies Arena — Ft. Worth, TX
  • 15 | Dickies Arena — Ft. Worth, TX
  • 18 | Moody Center — Austin, TX
  • 19 | Moody Center — Austin, TX

Pearl Jam also links to the Fair Ticketing Act, which is seeking ticketing reform for live concerts in America. The idea behind the Fair Ticketing Act is that artists should decide ticket prices—not scalpers. More than a dozen of the industry’s top artist coalitions, management groups, music labels, and agencies have signed on, including Pearl Jam. Of course, ticketing giant Ticketmaster is opposed to the Fair Ticketing act and the reforms it wants to implement, calling it anything but fair.