Turntable LIVE is Now Bringing Artist-Hosted Listening Parties — All On the Classic Turntable Dancefloor

Photo Credit: Turntable LIVE

Turntable LIVE’s listening parties cater to exclusive fan engagement sessions, fundraising events, and album releases. These virtual events feature real-time chat alongside audio broadcast directly from Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Major differentiating features include free and quick set-up, integration with Discord and Slack, and data capture for artists.

Ahead of its quick-approaching public launch, Turntable LIVE has achieved several significant milestones. In March, the company secured $7 million in seed funding led by Founders Fund and f7 Ventures. And just last month, Turntable LIVE announced that it had acquired JQBX — a self-described ‘Spotify plug-in that allows for real-time music sharing.’

Turntable LIVE founder and CEO Joseph Perla spoke about the buy-out as a move that will ‘improve the social dimension for virtual music experiences’ and ‘amplify the user experience.’

Now, Turntable LIVE is strategically focusing on artist-hosted listening parties within multifaceted digital worlds. Using the classic Turntable dancefloor environment created over a decade ago, Perla says LIVE is a refreshed version that’s ‘doing things right.’ Just recently, Turntable LIVE joined forces with DMN to further expand the listening party concept.

Currently, StationHead is arguably the only other platform that successfully allows users to listen live, stream, and attend release parties together.

Fans can connect personal Apple Music or Spotify Premium profiles to host events and play their favorite tracks. Other outwardly ‘similar’ offerings, like Amazon’s Amp, lack core DSP integration capabilities and cannot be considered direct competitors for Turntable LIVE.

Perla pointed to a dearth of direct artist-to-fan platforms, data-capture options, and unique monetization opportunities. Sniffing an opportunity, Turntable LIVE believes their differentiating features are exactly what artists and managers need to gain waves of fan engagement.

According to Perla, “People need joyful, meaningful social experiences online, and music can facilitate that.”

Users can create avatars, access digital dancefloors, listen to pre-release albums, and chat on the Turntable LIVE platform. Artists have the option to host listening parties for fans in chat/video mode or avatar mode. Audio and video can be broadcast directly from YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or pre-uploaded files.

Turntable LIVE artist listening party in avatar mode

Users can create avatars, access digital dance floors, and listen to pre-release albums (Photo Credit: Turntable LIVE)

Immediately after joining the listening party, real-time display updates for music and chat are shared with users. The social music platform’s unique AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) feature can be accessed live from chat screens or via a custom avatar that interacts with users. Via bot integrations on the platform, artists and label managers can also draw users from communities on Discord and Slack. Moreover, artists’ teams can leverage social media channels for the promotion of specific tracks.

On the collaborative social music platform, artists can also plan surprises for fans, organize custom experiences, and display merchandise links strategically during the event to maximize engagement. With this ‘special content delivery’ during critical points in the user experience, fans can connect on a deeper level with artists, according to Turntable LIVE.

Turntable LIVE's artist-hosted listening party in chat and video mode

Artist listening party in chat/video mode (Photo Credit: Turntable LIVE)

Admin tools offer automated chat throttling and moderation of multiple events simultaneously, so managers can control the conversation and steer it toward a more positive mood. Advanced audience tools allow complete control over communication and narrative.

One of the most significant differentiating features of the platform is the fast set-up time.

Turntable LIVE’s ‘Listening Party Classic’ can be launched on the same day, in chat/video mode or avatar mode, alongside complete Discord and Slack integrations. For ‘Listening Party Premium,’ a lead time of 1-3 days is required so artists can customize colors, whereas ‘Listening Party Stadium’ will require a month-long lead time to ensure artists commission custom stage art (listening party stadium can only be organized in avatar mode).

For more established artists, in-person concerts are usually the financial breadwinner. But the risk of throwing a listening party is minimal for those that can’t fill a venue or want to augment their physical events. With virtual listening parties, artists no longer need to set up a stage, an audio and video rig, or even commit to actual interaction with fans. It’s no secret that traditional live concerts come with herculean price tags for artists and organizers. Turntable LIVE listening parties cost pennies in comparison, all while amplifying online fan engagement.

Initial use cases reported by Turntable LIVE include debuts of EPs and albums, vinyl listening parties, Q&A sessions with artists, and fundraising events.

Turntable LIVE reports that the platform is already “used by hundreds of artists.” According to the company, “TT’s rapid adoption in an extraordinarily organic viral method, over the course of just three months, demonstrated the demand for this type of shared, interactive, music discovery experience.”

Already, there are serious takers. According to Turntable LIVE data shared with DMN, American rock band Greta Van Fleet recently hosted a party for the release of their new single, ‘Meeting the Master,’ and its music video. Users attended in chat and video mode and could use the website for 24 hours to listen to GVF music and engage with one another. The listening party drew over 10,000 users, garnering almost 20,000 new streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

Aside from the stream counts, other areas also experienced bumps: the new music video, for example, quickly gained 1,000 streams to hit a cumulative 680,000.

Mega-label Sony Music also hosted an album release party for one of its charting country music artists, Elle King. The listening party was available 48 hours before the event, and 24 hours afterward, gained over 1,300 attendees and triggered almost 5,000 streams on Spotify and Apple Music. King claimed a spot on the Billboard 200 chart just days after the event.

Sony Music hosts listening party for Elle King on Turntable LIVE

Sony Music hosted a listening party for charting country artist Elle King.

All listening parties contained licensed media and artists retained 100% of the revenue.

The platform provides artists with permanent web pages devoted to sharing content and shared streaming. They can also limit the number of users that can attend.

Perla says Turntable LIVE is ‘one of the first truly participatory places online for music enjoyment and real-time social interaction.’ He added, “Music needs more and more compelling ways to reach people and bring them together. Turntable LIVE accomplishes both [goals].”

Turntable LIVE is free to join. Interested artists can contact Joseph Perla at [email protected]