YouTuber LaTasha Kebe Files for Bankruptcy Following $4 Million Cardi B Defamation Judgement

Latasha Kebe bankruptcy
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Latasha Kebe bankruptcy
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Photo Credit: DVSROSS / CC by 2.0

YouTuber LaTasha Kebe files for bankruptcy following $4 million Cardi B defamation judgement, saying she has less than $60,000 to her name.

YouTube gossip vlogger Tasha K, whose legal name is LaTasha Kebe, has filed for bankruptcy 18 months after a judge ruled that she must pay rapper Cardi B more than $3.4 million in a defamation verdict. Kebe says she has less than $60,000 in total assets and cannot pay the liabilities she now owes to several creditors, including Cardi B.

Cardi B — whose legal name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar — won a verdict in January 2022 that Tasha K had legally defamed her by making false claims about prostitution, STDs, and drug use in her YouTube videos. Following that ruling, Cardi tweeted, “imma come for everything,” and “BBHMM” (bitch better have my money). 

But it turns out that LaTasha Kebe does not have her money. Kebe filed an appeal, but the US Court of Appeals upheld the initial verdict. The bankruptcy petition filed Thursday (May 25) makes it clear that Cardi B will unlikely see the money she is owed any time soon.

Kebe lists $58,595 in total assets to her name, most of which comes from a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado tied as collateral to an auto loan. She lists $11,750 in other property, including two Louis Vuitton purses, and only $95 in her bank account. The YouTuber counts her trademark for her “UnWineWithTashaK” channel as an asset but admits that the value of her brand is “unknown.”

Meanwhile, Kebe’s company, Kebe Studios LLC, is on the hook for $500,000 of the verdict, and it appears the company itself has yet to file for bankruptcy or if that will be handled as part of LaTasha’s existing case. 

Thursday’s filing discloses that $10,000 was garnished from her YouTube earnings last year by Cardi B’s attorneys. Kebe also reveals that she and her husband earned a combined income from their work as content creators of $156,021 in 2021 and $134,861 in 2022. 

Attorneys for neither Cardi B nor Tasha K have responded to media requests for comment.