Bebe Rexha ‘Good’ After Being Struck by Phone Mid-Show, Receiving Emergency Medical Attention

bebe rexha
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bebe rexha
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Bebe Rexha performing live. Photo Credit: Justin Higuchi

Bebe Rexha was rushed to the hospital yesterday evening after being struck in the face by a cell phone during a performance in New York City. Meanwhile, police have arrested and charged the 27-year-old who allegedly threw the phone.

The alleged attack unfolded at Manhattan’s The Rooftop at Pier 17, during one of several shows scheduled as part of the 33-year-old singer-songwriter’s Best F*n Night of My Life Tour. Operated by The Howard Hughes Corporation in partnership with “exclusive booking partner” Live Nation, The Rooftop has a standing capacity of 3,500, its website indicates, and the alleged culprit was positioned a short distance from the stage, per video recorded by fans.

Clips of the alleged assault quickly began circulating on social media and appear to show the Bebe act being hit with the phone and then falling to the ground.

Other fan-captured video seems to show security removing the alleged assailant, a New Jersey resident named Nicolas Malvagna who other attendees had pointed out as the individual responsible for the unacceptable alleged conduct. (Malvagna appears to have raised his hand when pressed about whether he had thrown the phone.) “That is an assault charge, by the way,” one concertgoer said as the alleged criminal was being hauled away by staff, according to footage uploaded to Twitter.

The comment proved accurate, as Malvagna has in fact been charged with felony assault, remains in police custody, and “is expected to be arraigned later Monday,” per local outlets. While the allegedly responsible party hadn’t issued a public statement at the time of this writing, his boss, the owner of a K9 Resorts franchise in East Brunswick, told the Daily Mail that she “was shocked to learn of his arrest.”

After the alleged assault effectively ended the show, Bebe Rexha received treatment (reportedly including three stitches) at a nearby hospital, regional reports specified. Today, Rexha informed fans in an Instagram post that she, despite appearing to sport an eyebrow-level cut and a black eye, was “good.” Subsequently, she uploaded a video of the injury, and fans have penned a number of encouraging messages for the “Call on Me” creator.

“i feel so bad for bebe rexha,” weighed in one supporter. “so much for ‘fans’ throwing stuff on stage and thinking it’s okay.”

“just saw on tiktok what that thing to[ssed at] bebe rexha‘s face did to her,” wrote another Twitter user. “so close to her eye. i hope it didn’t [cause injuries] more than what’s visible. really hoping they found whoever did it and reported them.”

Once again at the time of this writing, the artist hadn’t postponed any upcoming shows – including a concert in Philadelphia tomorrow, a performance in Maryland on Wednesday, and an Atlanta gig on Friday.