AirGigs Creates a Community of High-Level Music Professionals for Remote Collaboration

AirGigs Music professionals for remote collaboration
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AirGigs Music professionals for remote collaboration
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AirGigs Music professionals for remote collaboration

AirGigs is the premier destination for remote collaboration, quietly innovating and attracting a growing roster of talent. The bootstrapped company’s roster includes some of the most esteemed recording professionals in the industry.

From Grammy winning artists to well-respected producers, a growing list of celebrated pros are now offering services for hire exclusively on the platform. AirGigs is currently the only freelance music platform at scale founded and run by a team of musicians and completely self-funded.

Today, AirGigs’s focus is to help artists not only find the right talent for their projects, but also foster an environment that facilitates long term collaboration. The music industry has never been this accessible for any creator looking to assemble a major label quality production team to work with, and make their tracks really stand out.

Build the Ideal Team to collaborate with

While the platform is meritocratic and open to all serious professionals, AirGigs has been consciously carving out space to spotlight top tier pros with major industry credits. One such initiative is the creation of “Dream Teams“, where they have curated top professionals in popular genres such as pop, hip hop, electronic, roots music and more. These are A-list musicians brought to AirGigs’ community, ready to collaborate, in a completely new way.

“To me, AirGigs legitimized remote collaboration via a great interface, thoughtful creative execution as well as great support,” said Paul Santo, a Grammy musician, session cat, and music career coach. “David [from AirGigs] has an understanding of partnerships — the artist & musician, the musician and AirGigs, etc., on a bunch of levels and has, really, made it a classy game. It’s not always a given that it’s this easy to be all that. I know, as I’ve sought out, been solicited by and ‘worked’ with other platforms to lesser thrill.

“AirGigs is my online go-to for a growing list of cutting edge ways to connect artists, musicians, producers, engineers, singers and creatives of all sorts. I love the people I’ve either coached or done sessions for and I’m excited to be part of something that is taking a solid business idea into new areas of art.”

What makes these pros unique beyond their resumes, is that they have extensive experience working remotely with songwriters and music creators at all stages in their career development. In addition, all pros on the platform work out of professional studios.

The pandemic pushed remote collaboration, an already existing vertical in music, to become one of the go-to modalities for music creators. This has enabled AirGigs to double down and reinvest, building new features and developing a robust professional network.

Remote collaboration with the internet’s best musicians

To highlight some of the most high profile talent AirGigs has to offer, the In-Session podcast is a space for top-musicians, producers, artists and entrepreneurs using the platform to share their stories and experience. Each episode of the In-Session podcast is a way to go deeper so that members can get to know how these pros have evolved along their musical journeys.

The In-Session podcast has hosted a lot of impressive talent such as Ike Willis (The Frank Zappa Band), Paul Santo, Joel Kibble and Isha Erskine (Grammy winner) to name a few.

“I was looking for a great fiddle player when I found AirGigs, and I was shocked that I could hire a Grammy-winning fiddle player – Michael Cleveland – arguably the best in the world,” relayed songwriter and producer Greg Poulos. “It just so happened he also plays banjo and mandolin, and has a famous friend who played bass for me! This was the easiest recording experience I’ve ever had, and the results were far beyond my expectations. I thought I was done with the project until Michael asked me if he could record my song for his own upcoming album. My jaw dropped, and what unfolded over the following year became the highlight of my 30 year musical career, and it’s still unfolding.”

Among the high-caliber artists, Grammy Winner Michael Cleveland is one the hottest artists in Bluegrass music today. During the pandemic, Michael was hired by Greg Poulos a songwriter on the AirGigs platform to play fiddle on his song ‘Sunny Days (Are Comin’ Once Again)’. Michael loved Greg’s song so much that he recorded it as the single on his latest album. More on that later, stay tuned.

Remote collaboration has the potential to be a powerful career and resume builder for music creators. It creates a space where top tier pros can comfortably collaborate with serious songwriters all over the world, and opens a world of possibilities.

Next features to help artists and producers

Going the extra-mile to help out artists building and growing their careers, AirGigs has added several other features. For instance, Muso.AI, as a partner, provides verified recording credits. Information is easily integrated, creating artists’ living resumes online. Muso.AI validates the credits and completes the verification process.

Following the recent release of AirGigs’ iOS app, even more pro-facing features will be added during the year, including non-generative AI-powered tools to help with artist discovery, communication and productivity among creators. It’s an exciting time at AirGigs as they are going through their biggest innovative push to create the best remote collaboration platform and create strong partnerships between artists.

Make sure to catch the next episode of the In-Session podcast by AirGigs and hear Stuart Epps share his experience. Epps has worked with an amazing roster of artists (Elton John, Led Zeppelin…) by the way, he has just joined AirGigs and is available for hire.

About AirGigs

AirGigs started out back in 2012 as the first marketplace for songwriters, music producers, bands and creatives to connect, hire and collaborate with high level session musicians. Over the past 11 years AirGigs has built a highly-engaged community, rethinking the way remote collaboration works for music projects. With more than 200 thousand+ recording sessions going through AirGigs platform, artists can rely on a reliable partner to access and work with music industry’s finest.

AirGigs has been a long-term partner of Digital Music News, and Digital Music News is proud to be sharing this massive announcement.