Captions Secures $25 Million Series B Funding for Creative Studio — With AI-Generated Music Sync Prominently on the Roadmap

Captions series b
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Captions series b
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Photo Credit: Captions

Captions has secured a $25 million Series B funding round — with AI-generated music sync a big part of the creative suite’s business model.

AI-powered creative studio Captions has announced the success of its Series B funding round, raising $25 million led by Kleiner Perkins, a renowned venture capitalist firm in the tech sector. Other investors include Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and SV Angel, bringing the total capital raised to $40 million.

Officially launching its flagship product after a successful debut on the Apple App Store in early 2021, the Series B funding marks a significant milestone for Captions. The company is enabled to level the playing field for creators further, offering anyone the opportunity to develop and publish studio-grade content using the power of AI.

Captions provides the concept of a one-stop AI-powered creative studio dedicated to enhancing “talking videos.” With it, video production aspects are simplified and automated, including captioning, editing, dubbing, script creation, and music integration. That streamlines the video creation process and makes it quick and easy for creators of any skill level to bring their vision to life.

Prominent features include: 

  • AI Dubbing: Seamlessly dub the speaker’s voice into another language to enable creators to reach new audiences.
  • AI Shorts: Automatically extract “viral-worthy” clips from any long-form video so creators can easily promote their long-form content and maximize the value of their existing material.
  • AI Voiceover: Generate a voiceover “indistinguishable from human voice” based on text, enabling creators to narrate videos without recording their own voice.
  • AI Zoom: Automatically incorporate relevant zooms.
  • AI Eye Contact: Correct the subject’s eye contact to give the impression of looking directly at the camera.
  • AI Music: Automatically compose unique and royalty-free music tailored to each video.
  • AI Images and Emojis: Automatically insert relevant images and emojis into videos.

“Our vision for Captions goes well beyond just video creation. It’s about empowering individuals, regardless of background or experience, by providing them with tools to effectively communicate their ideas or stories,” says Gaurav Misra, co-founder and CEO of Captions. 

“Video content is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with a major trend towards ‘talking videos’ — where creators address the camera directly to share opinions or personal stories,” Misra continues. “To support this evolution, we have developed user-friendly features that enhance ‘talking videos’ and make creating high-quality content more accessible.”

“We were immediately drawn to Gaurav’s discerning eye for design and proven experience building world-class products at companies like Snap and Microsoft,” adds Mike Vernal of Sequoia Capital. “Captions’ use of AI for video production has the potential to revolutionize the studio experience for today’s creator economy.”