AP Music Royalties Acquires Publishing Catalog of Scottish Songwriter Bill Padley

AP Music Royalties acquires Publishing catalog of Scottish songwriter Bill Padley
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AP Music Royalties acquires Publishing catalog of Scottish songwriter Bill Padley
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Photo Credit: Darren Michaelson / BPI

AP Music Royalties acquires publishing catalog of Scottish songwriter Bill Padley with hits from Atomic Kitten, Ronan Keating, Shayne Ward, and more.

AP Music Royalties Fund (APMRF) has acquired the publishing rights catalog of Scottish songwriter and producer Bill Padley. Padley is best known for co-writing such hits as “That’s My Goal” by X-Factor winner Shayne Ward and “Whole Again” by Atomic Kitten.

Other notable songs written by Bill Padley include “Best In Me” by the boy band Blue, Atomic Kitten’s “The Tide Is High,” and Ronan Keating’s “Joy and Pain.” Padley also has producer credits for the artists above, as well as the Fugees, Sheryl Crow, and more.

“I am happy to put my lifetime’s songwriting work in the capable and trusted hands of the Alternative Partners Team, and I am excited to cooperate with them in the future,” says Bill Padley.

“Over almost 40 years, Bill has written more than 200 songs which were performed and recorded by various high-profile artists, contributing significantly to the UK and international music landscape,” adds Darren Michaelson, Music Manager of APMRF. 

“After acquiring the producer rights of several iconic Spice Girls hits in September of last year, we are particularly happy to now also have an interest in the Atomic Kitten evergreen hits ‘Whole Again’ and ‘The Tide Is High’ in our portfolio. We thank Bill for his trust and support.”

That acquisition follows the heels of APMRF’s acquisition of the publishing rights catalog of Chris Demetriou — a British songwriter active since 1966. Demetriou’s work includes “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” by John Kongos, the No. 4 hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1971.

Famously, the song was re-recorded in 1990 as “Step On” by The Happy Mondays, an immediate commercial success both in the UK and the US. “Step On” was included on the 100 Greatest Singles of All Time list by Q Magazine in 1999.

“The Happy Mondays are the pioneers of the Manchester sound by bridging the Manchester independent rock music of the 1980s and the emerging UK rave scene,” notes Michaelson. “With ‘Step On,’ originally written by Chris Demetriou, we are thrilled to have such a gem within our portfolio.”