SM Entertainment Launches Reality Show to Select Members of New NCT Sub-Group

SM Entertainment reality show
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SM Entertainment reality show
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Photo Credit: 뉴스인스타 (News In Star) / CC by 3.0

SM Entertainment launches a reality show to select the members of boy band NCT’s latest sub-group.

“NCT Universe: LASTART,” SM Entertainment’s first reality program to select members of boy band NCT’s last sub-group, will begin airing on July 27 in South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The show will find SM Entertainment trainees to debut as NCT’s final fixed-member sub-group, one of three new groups the agency is launching this year.

Twenty-member boy band NCT is known for its unique sub-group system, where members are divided into smaller groups within the band. The groups are NCT 127, NCT Dream, WayV, and the newest, NCT New Team — a working title.

Named for Seoul’s longitude, NCT 127 is the band’s sub-group based in Seoul. WayV is the sub-group with a focus on SM Entertainment’s Chinese audience, while NCT Dream consists of the seven youngest members of the boy band.

“LASTART,” a portmanteau of LAST and START, represents the end of NCT’s seemingly infinite expansion and the beginning of a new sub-group. The project will feature the rookie teams mentioned in SM Entertainment’s previously released “SM 3.0: New IP 2023” video.

Trainees will be selected as debut members through the completion of missions. SM Entertainment’s senior artists BoA and Eunhyuk of Super Junior will star as artist directors, hosting the show and judging performances. Other artists from the agency will also feature throughout the series.

“The show will provide the viewers a peek into SM Entertainment’s new (idol) group-launching process that was never revealed before, showing the member composition, behind-the-scenes practicing sessions, and the process of forming the final team members,” says the agency.

“NCT Universe: LASTART” airs its premiere episode on July 27, available through Korea’s cable network ENA, Japan’s Nippon TV, and Hulu in the United States. More information about availability is yet to come.