Live Nation Releases ‘Mindful Nation’ App for Touring Artists, Crew, and Music Fans to Pair Music with Meditation

Live Nation mindfulness app
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Live Nation mindfulness app
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Photo Credit: Live Nation

Live Nation releases the ‘Mindful Nation’ app for touring artists, crew, and music fans to seamlessly incorporate music into the practice of meditation.

Live Nation has announced the launch of the Mindful Nation app, which aims to seamlessly incorporate music into the practice of meditation. The company has invested in many mental health programs for staff and the touring industry and looks to expand this support by delivering on-demand mindfulness practices for music lovers.

The Mindful Nation app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and offers over a thousand classes searchable by trainer, overall vibe, or preferred class duration — with unique “sonic beats” for the app’s meditations curated by producers and independent artists, including Janax Pacha, Mose Musica, Chris IDH, and more.

The app features daily trainer-led classes tuned to various vibes, on-demand classes for mind, sleep, and day-to-day life, music playlists from artists across numerous genres, and “breathe with the beat” exercises.

The concept began as a B2B platform bringing live sessions to elevate corporate culture, launched by Niamh McCarthy, a former artist manager who worked for Madonna and U2’s management team at Maverick. After experiencing burnout on the road, she began studying meditation, breathwork, and yoga, making it her mission to bring mindfulness and meditation to the music business.

“The Mindful Nation app brings together meditation and music in a unique way,” says Michael Rapino, CEO & President of Live Nation. “We first launched Mindful Nation as a program for our employees, and it’s great to see Niamh now bringing the benefits of mindfulness to touring artists and crew across our industry, as well as music fans.”

“Music is transcendent and has the power to connect and support. The artists on Mindful Nation are vehicles to that higher source which we are bringing into people’s everyday lives through our meditation classes,” says Niamh McCarthy, founder of Mindful Nation. 

“We are all totally overstimulated by the extraordinary amount of data and connectivity that exists in today’s world that we are not equipped to deal with. The classes on the Mindful Nation app are like a timeless album, never out of date. Users can keep going back to these resources, again and again, to support themselves through the highs and lows of life.”

With nearly 20% of adults in the US suffering from an anxiety disorder and 8 in 100 people in England suffering from anxiety and depression, Mindful Nation seeks to empower people to help take control of their mood and transform their lives through the combined power of music and meditation.

Live Nation provides full-time employees free unlimited access to the Mindful Nation app and mental health care coverage for 18 therapy and coaching sessions per year. Live Nation has also invested in mental health programming for the industry, including the Music Industry Therapist Collective and Tour Support.