Spotify for Artists Introduces New Audience Segmentation — Including Breakdowns for ‘Super Listeners’

Spotify for Artists new audience segmentation
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Spotify for Artists new audience segmentation
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Photo Credit Davide Ragusa

Spotify for Artists has added new audience segmentation statistics to give artists a better look at their fans.

New audience segments in the Spotify for Artists interface give artists and their team powerful insights into their audience to help them grow and deepen their relationship with fans. Data until now has been high-level, focusing on total streams, monthly listeners, and followers. But that data doesn’t differentiate fans from super fans. As our mid-year music industry report reveals, super fans drive 42% of engagement with new artists.

An active audience will generate many more future streams of music from listeners who have only listened a handful of times. People who actively stream a song will play that artists’ music four times more in the next six months according to Spotify. Those kinds of insights helped Spotify for Artists build out its new segments.

The new Segments tab replaces the active audience tab. It displays an artists’ total audience and two new segments—active audience and programmed audience. Here’s what you need to know about these changes to help you understand your artist stats.

What Are Previously Active Listeners?

Listeners in the previously active listener segment were actively listening to your music within the past two years, but have not intentionally streamed your music within the past 28 days.

What Is the Programmed Audience?

The Programmed Audience segment shows listeners who haven’t streamed your music actively in the past two years. However, they have heard your music in programmed sources like editorial playlists, personalized playlists, radio and autoplay, or user-created playlists at least once in the last two years. In other words, these listeners were exposed to a track or album of yours but did not seek it out on their own.

What Are Super Listeners?

These are your super fans and they’re the ones driving your growth on a digital streaming platform. Super listeners are the most dedicated listeners who have actively streamed your music within the last 28 days. They are also the most likely category to continue streaming your music in the future.

What Are Moderate Listeners?

Moderate listeners are active listeners who have intentionally streamed your music ‘many times’ in the past 28 days. They don’t engage as frequently with your music as super listeners, but they could develop into super listeners over time.

What Are Light Listeners?

The final segment is active listeners who have intentionally streamed your music once or twice in the last 28 days. They could develop into moderate listeners or super fans if they continue growing their listening habits.