SoundCloud Partners with Sony for ‘First on SoundCloud’ Artist Accelerator Program

First on SoundCloud
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First on SoundCloud
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Photo Credit: SoundCloud

SoundCloud has partnered with Sony for its six-month artist accelerator program, ‘First on SoundCloud.’

Selected artists wolfacejoeyy, DJ_Dave, Nitepunk, Sojabrat, and sim0ne will unite as a collective voice under the program. Spotlighted artists will have help creating new musical landscapes while highlighting their origins. First on SoundCloud features unique opportunities for career acceleration, education, and creative support.

The program is designed to work directly with each individual artist to co-produce a tangible, career-defining roadmap aimed at developing and deepening meaningful connections with fans. SoundCloud’s partnership with Sony’s Audio Team allows artists to receive unparalleled support and the resources to propel their creative journeys even further. Sony is investing in each artist through their upcoming Audio Brand Campaign and will support end-to-end creation-to-consumption workflow through the implementation of Sony’s professional audio products and consumer-focused personal audio products and creative audio technologies. 

“First on SoundCloud has always been about empowering emerging artists and fostering music discovery for our listeners,” says Emmy Lovell, Global Head of Music at SoundCloud. “Partnering with Sony’s Audio Team is a great step in this mission. We’re thrilled to unveil the new class of breakout talent and embark on a collaborative roadmap to hit creative milestones, expand global fanbases, and make a significant impact in each artist’s unique journey.”

Artists participating in the First on SoundCloud artist accelerator program will receive:

  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring | Work sessions between each artist and the creator marketing team to discuss goals and strategy.
  • One-on-one sessions with Sony’s Audio team
  • Cloud Stats | Hard data and success metrics to visualize momentum and audience development in real time. This includes a proprietary dashboard tracking follower growth, consumption, SoundCloud ranking, and repeat listeners. 

Meet the Artists ‘First on SoundCloud 2023’

  • wolfacejoeyy | a 20-year-old Staten island native that has built a following on SoundCloud. His ear for production and off-kilter lyricism make him an exciting up and comer in the SoundCloud scene. 
  • DJ_Dave | A NYC-based experimental electronic pop artist, DJ, and producer who creates her music using code in a style known as Algorave.
  • Nitepunk | Emerging from the Brooklyn underground scene and now relocated in Los Angeles, Nitepunk is an engima with a profoundly technical, yet incredibly free sound.
  • Sojabrat | Sojabrat’s roots in R&B give her an edge that her peers lack. With nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok, the South Carolina native’s singing voice and presence stand out in an ever-changing landscape. 
  • sim0ne | Sim0ne is a Scottish DJ and producer who is based in London. She is entrenched in the UK alternative nightlife culture and has begun to gain global reach thanks to her Rinse FM residency and her HÖR Berlin appearance debuting a Lana Del Rey remix.