Universal Music Group Partners with Kids and Family IP Company Pocket.watch

Universal Music Group Pocket.watch
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Universal Music Group Pocket.watch
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Photo Credit: pocket.watch

Universal Music Group partners with pocket.watch to release the studio’s popular kids and family creator catalog for the first time across all major DSPs.

Pocket.watch, leading kids and family creator content and IP company, has partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG) to release the content studio’s robust music catalog to digital service providers worldwide.

Tracks featured in YouTube videos and pocket.watch original series airing on platforms like Roku and Hulu will now be available to stream and download for the first time. The collaboration will also create a path for pocket.watch kids and family creators to release new original tracks in the coming months.

Pocket.watch’s roster of 45 kids and family creators with a combined total of over 750 million subscribers will be able to distribute existing songs and create new music with UMG. The initial catalog release will include music from a selection of pocket.watch creators, including songs from the Emmy-nominated pocket.watch preschool series “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.”

Also featured in the release are multiple songs from Kids Diana Show, the most-followed kid on YouTube whose videos have garnered billions of views, including “Play It Be It” and “Play It Be It – Halloween.”

“We know that music is a huge part of kids’ lives, and this mutually beneficial partnership provides a path for our expansive library of kids and family songs to reach beyond their appearance within YouTube videos,” says Albie Hecht, Chief Content Officer at pocket.watch. “We’re proud to partner with Universal Music Group as they further expand their investment in the kids’ music space.”

“We’re thrilled to bring pocket.watch’s music library to a broader audience of kids and family listeners,” adds Andrew Kronfeld, Executive Vice President of International and Label & Artist Ventures at UMG. “We continue to see growth in this exciting category and look forward to working with pocket.watch’s team and their family of creators.”

Other music included in the initial catalog release features a diverse range of pocket.watch creator talent, including the soundtrack from the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries, starring Onyx Family, YouTube’s No. 1 African American family, as well as songs from Toys and Colors: Kaleidoscope City, featuring YouTube’s top kids-ensemble Toys and Colors, the No. 11 United States-based YouTube channel.