G Herbo Pleads Guilty to Bilking $140,000 in Stolen Credit Card Scheme

g herbo pleads guilty to stolen credit card fraud
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g herbo pleads guilty to stolen credit card fraud
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Photo Credit: Million Dollaz Worth of Game / CC by 3.0

Chicago rapper G Herbo–real name Herbert Wright–has plead guilty to wire fraud charges in a nationwide credit card fraud case. Here’s the latest. 

G Herbo is signed to Universal Music and plead guilty in federal court in Springfield, Massachusetts. G Herbo was involved in a nationwide wire fraud conspiracy that victimized businesses across the United States. The rapper also pled guilty to making a false statement to a federal agent to conceal his involvement with the fraud scheme.

Wright was indicted by a federal grand jury in December 2020 along with five co-defendants. Wright was charged with making false statements in May 2021. “Mr. Wright used stolen account information as his very own unlimited funding source, using victims’ payment cards to finance an extravagant lifestyle and advance his career,” a statement from Acting United States Attorney Joshua S. Levy begins.

“Mr. Wright’s conduct affected countless businesses and individuals across the United States who had to foot his nearly $140,000 bill in unauthorized transactions. Mr. Wright flaunted his lavish spending on social media, in music videos, and in industry news. This office and our law enforcement partners are committed to ensuring that individuals and businesses are protected against fraudsters. This case should serve as a reminder that if you break the law, you will be prosecuted and held accountable—regardless of who you are.”

G Herbo began the credit card scheme in March 2017 through November 2018—defrauding numerous businesses and individuals in the United States. The group used stolen credit card information to process fraudulent transactions to provide goods to Wright and his co-conspirators. Some of the goods procured through fraud include:

  • Four private jet charters ($80,000)
  • Exotic car rentals ($34,000)
  • Villa Rental in Jamaica ($14,500)
  • Yorkshire Terrier Puppies ($10,000)

According to the Justice Department, Wright also used the fraud proceeds to travel to concert venues and advance his music career. He used the private jets and villa as staging opportunities on social media and in music videos. When confronted about his business associates, Wright lied to a federal agent saying he never worked with or received anything of value from a co-defendant in the case. 

Wright admitted as party of his guilty pleas that he was responsible for $139,878 in victim losses. His co-defendant has pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. The charge of wire fraud conspiracy carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, up to five years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000. The false statements charge carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, up to three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000.