Estate of Dan Fogelberg Signs Deal With Iconic Artists Group

Dan Fogelberg
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Dan Fogelberg
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Photo Credit: Dan Fogelberg for Epic Records, 1974

The estate of famed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dan Fogelberg has signed an acquisition and development agreement with Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group.

The estate of Dan Fogelberg, multi-platinum singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has entered into an agreement with Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group to acquire, develop, and expand Fogelberg’s catalog to new generations.

As one of the most popular singer-songwriters of the ’70s and ’80s, Dan Fogelberg was a vital component of the golden age of the confessional songwriter, turning pop music’s focus inward after the social commentary explosion of the 1960s.

The deal encapsulates the close friendship between Azoff and Fogelberg that began in 1970 when the pair dropped out of the University of Illinois and drove to Los Angeles to chase their dreams in the music industry. Dan Fogelberg had promised his father, band leader Lawrence P. Fogelberg, that he would return to college if he found little success in Los Angeles after a year. But Fogelberg and Azoff would ultimately find success far exceeding either man’s expectations.

“I love that story,” said Dan’s widow, Jean Fogelberg. “As Dan recounted it, they stayed with Irving’s Aunt Bernice for a few weeks before moving to a one-bedroom apartment on Holloway Drive, just down the street from Tower Records. While Dan worked on his music, Irving made inroads with his customary energy and determination, netting Dan a record deal at Columbia Records. In time, they both became very successful, but through the years, their friendship remained unchanged. Dan always considered Irving ‘family’ and told me if I needed anything after he was gone, I could count on Irving, and he was right.”

“When Iconic Artists Group approached me about curating Dan’s catalog, I didn’t have to think about it for very long. Partnering with Iconic feels like a natural continuation of the work Irving and I have done together since Dan died in 2007,” she continued. “I’m excited about the possibilities of collaborating with a dedicated team of industry professionals, and I take comfort in knowing that Dan’s legacy will be nurtured for generations to come.”

Dan Fogelberg died of prostate cancer in 2007. A fan of all genres of music, he recorded bluegrass, country, and renaissance music in addition to his well-known soft rock hits and ballads.

“Dan Fogelberg and I met at school at the University of Illinois. He was the folk guy, and I booked the rock clubs. The first time he came by my little office, someone stole his bicycle!” recalls Azoff. “Acting upon our dreams and our belief in his talent, we made our way to LA like so many others in the early seventies. The rest is history.”

“I am so grateful to Dan and Jean for the trust they have put in Iconic and the Azoff family,” he continued. “(My wife) Shelli and I were married as my closest friend Dan sat at the piano and played ‘To the Morning.’ I can’t believe he has been gone sixteen years. I still miss him greatly. I am honored to work with Jean continuing the fine work she has done to manage Dan’s legacy.”

Dan Fogelberg has sold more than 16 million albums, with 11 Billboard Top 100 Albums, 3 Billboard Top 200 Albums, 1 Billboard Top 50 Country Album, and numerous charting singles, including “Face the Fire,” “The Spirit Trail,” “Phoenix,” “Empty Cages,” “As the Raven Flies,” “Missing You,” “The Power of Gold,” and many more.