Amazon Amp Live DJ App Now Available on Android

Amazon Amp DJ
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Amazon Amp DJ
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Photo Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Amp live DJ app is now available to Android users after launching on iOS last year.

The Amp app appeared in the Google Play Store at the beginning of August, marking the first time Android users can check out the app. Amazon Amp allows users to create live audio shows featuring music with commentary, and curated playlists, all with no monthly fees or studio equipment required. The only downside? Android users only have access to live shows for now.

“Replays will be coming soon for Android listeners, but Android creators’ shows will still be available on-demand for iOS listeners for two weeks after your show airs,” the blog post making the announcement reads. For now, Android creators and listeners can check out the multitude of live shows available on the app for free.

What can users do with Amazon Amp?

  • Search for shows, users, topics, music genres, or categories you’re in the mood to listen to.
  • Users can broadcast their own radio show featuring millions of licensed songs.
  • Follow creators and receive notifications when they go live (just like Twitch).
  • React to live moments you like with emojis.

Amazon likely saw a need for audio-only streamers engaging on the Twitch platform—which is primarily video. This gives users the ability to create a curated or themed playlist with live content of their choice and is now available across iOS and Android.

Amazon says it is still soliciting feedback from Android users who want to help the Amp experience grow. For now, several features remain unavailable as the functionality is expanded past launch. Android users will soon be able to call into shows, just like iOS users.

If you use Amazon Amp to run a live music show, you can provide feedback using the survey here. Amazon wants to hear product suggestions, music library suggestions, and bug reports from both creators and listeners.