Spotify Android Update Is A Crash-fest for Beta Users

Spotify Android app crashing beta
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Spotify Android app crashing beta
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Photo Credit: Deepak Choudhary

A new Spotify for Android update seems to be causing major issues like crashes and the inability to open the app at all. Here’s the latest.

Reports from social media seem to indicate that most problems are from users who are on the Spotify beta version. The release version of the Spotify app seems to be unaffected. Users who signed up to participate in beta versions of the app are reporting problems across Twitter and Reddit. In a thread on Reddit titled, “App Won’t Open (Android)” people have begun sharing their issues.

“I’ve experienced this in the past and it seems like there is no user fix,” one commenter writes. “There was a small 15MB update released, but it did not seem to fix the issue.” Another person responding to the original person said they contacted Spotify Support, who confirmed to them it was a wide-spread issue on Android.

Someone else confirms they’re having problems with accessing Spotify on their phone, but that it works flawlessly with their Android Auto car. If you’re experiencing problems getting Spotify to work on your Android device, someone else has done some trouble shooting and found a way to get the app working again.

Every step of this process is essential to stop Spotify crashing on Android phones, so make sure to complete all of these steps if you’re having problems.

  1. Uninstall the Spotify app from your phone.
  2. Open Google Play, search ‘Spotify.’
  3. Tap the app and then scroll down to ‘Leave Beta.’
  4. Clear the storage in Play Store app settings.
  5. Force stop the Google Play Store in app settings.
  6. Re-open Google Play Store.
  7. Re-install Spotify.
  8. Tap Spotify to open it and sign-in.

You should be able to sign-in and see your music and play it. It’s an unfortunate reality of participating is software betas that sometimes they don’t work out. What’s ironic is that Spotify just launched its software dev testing platform for A/B testing called Confidence.