Tidal Partners with Alaska Airlines—Free Trial with In-Flight WiFi

Tidal Alaska Airlines
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Tidal Alaska Airlines
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Photo Credit: BriYYZ / CC by 2.0

Tidal has partnered with Alaska Airlines to offer free WiFi flight vouchers with its 30-day free trials.

Alaska Airlines is the latest company to join Tidal’s long list of partners with a deal for those who like to fly. Tidal is offering a free WiFi voucher on any Alaska Airlines flight with its free 30-day trials. After signing up for a Tidal HiFi subscription, the DSP mails the WiFi voucher. As part of the promotion, Tidal is advertising its new Live feature, which allows users to share their music for others to enjoy in real time.

The WiFi voucher code must be redeemed before the next Alaska Airlines fight to enjoy free WiFi while onboard. Here’s how to do that:

  1. On board, turn on your device WiFi and choose ‘Alaskawifi.com’ network.
  2. Open your web browser and visit ‘Alaskawifi.com.’
  3. Choose the option to ‘Purchase a WiFi Pass.’
  4. Click ‘Use Promotional Code’ on the payment screen.
  5. Cut & Paste the provided promo code from your email.
  6. The code should lower the in-flight WiFi price to $0.

It’s worth noting that Alaska Airlines admits that while the vast majority of its fleet feature WiFi with speeds to support Tidal streaming—some of its fleet does not.

All Airbus A321s, 737-900ERs, 737 MAX, 737-900, and 737-800 support WiFi with enough speeds to handle streaming Tidal. “On all other aircraft, primarily used for short flights, WiFi is offered, but speeds are slower and may not support Tidal,” the help documents note. Whoops—if you’re city-hopping across California, you may not be able to stream Tidal after all.

Another wrinkle is that the offer is only available to new Tidal customers. If you’ve subscribed at any time in the past, you’re not eligible unless you sign up with a different email. Then you’re an entirely new person in the eyes of this promotion. Finally, if you do end up taking advantage of the promotion and don’t receive your free WiFi code, Tidal says to reach out to support so they can investigate the issue.