Dior Names Tomorrow X Together As Brand Ambassadors After Dropping Travis Scott

Tomorrow x Together Dior Brand Ambassadors
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Tomorrow x Together Dior Brand Ambassadors
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Photo Credit: Dior

After dropping Travis Scott from its roster of brand ambassadors, Dior is adding K-pop quintet Tomorrow X Together.

Dior artistic director Kim Jones created a line-up of concert outfits for each member to wear during their Lollapalooza appearance celebrating the first K-pop group to headline the legendary Chicago music festival.

“Tomorrow X Together are the perfect ambassadors for Dior,” adds Kim Jones. “They have a great attitude and style and they look great in their custom stage outfits.” The look is inspired by Sci-Fi and utilitarian design principles, with this brand ambassadorship sealing their friendship with Dior and Kim Jones. “The South Korean singers now embody the spirit and singularity of Dior style, a modernity with a timeless signature.”

“Our headlining at Lollapalooza was one of the most significant performances of our career,” says Soobin. “It was truly an honor to share the stage with Dior, and we hope to continue to show Tomorrow X Together’s versatility through this partnership.”

“I”m thrilled to become an ambassador of Dior and represent a brand that I am personally fond of,” adds Yeonjun. “I loved being onstage and dressed in the special outfits that Kim Jones designed for us.”

“It is a great honor to share a milestone moment with Dior. I look forward to the synergy we will be creating together,” says Beomgyu.

“Collaborating with a major fashion house like Dior for a music festival as big as Lollapalooza was truly amazing. I also look forward to our journey ahead with Dior,” adds Taehyun.

“Lollapalooza marked the beginning of our journey as Dior ambassadors. Dressing in Dior stage outfits specially designed by Kim Jones that suited us perfectly added to the indescribable joy we felt on that big stage,” concludes Hueningkai.

Dior dropped Travis Scott as a brand ambassador back in 2021 following the Astroworld tragedy. But ultimately the brand finally released its Dior x Cactus Jack collection it held back in 2022.