Grammy U Membership No Longer Requires College Enrollment

Grammy U no longer requires college enrollment
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Grammy U no longer requires college enrollment
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Photo Credit: The Recording Academy

The Recording Academy opens up Grammy U membership to anyone between the ages of 18-29 seeking a music career, negating the college enrollment requirement.

In an expansive change for its Grammy U membership, The Recording Academy has removed the college enrollment requirement and opened membership to anyone aged 18-29 pursuing a music career. Launched in 2006, Grammy U is an avenue for college students seeking music careers to achieve their dreams.

As of August 15, the Recording Academy membership program will no longer require college enrollment in its application guidelines, extending the eligibility to anyone aged 18-29 looking to work in the music industry.

“For many years, Grammy U has invested in the development of emerging young music creators and professionals by providing resources and a supportive ecosystem committed to helping them thrive in the music industry,” said Harvey Mason Jr., Recording Academy CEO.

“With this expansion, Grammy U is ensuring that membership will be more inclusive and accessible for the next generation of music creators and professionals,” he continued. “No matter their career path.”

“As a student member of the first Grammy U membership class in 2006, I have had the opportunity to watch the program grow over the years and see the impact it’s made on the music community,” adds Jessie Allen, Senior Director at Grammy U. “With this new eligibility change, we are thrilled to support even more professionals and creators on their journey into the industry.”

Updated eligibility requirements offer two new options for enrollment. As before, students may be currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, or trade school full-time, pursuing Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. degrees — or either professional creatives between 18-29 years old seeking a music career or students between 18-29 years old studying at college part-time or taking any certificate course or program.

Throughout its lifetime since its inception in 2006, Grammy U has had more than 32,000 members. Its spring 2023 mentorship program matched more than 1,000 pairs of mentors and mentees between the fall and spring programs, with members from more than 200 schools and 38 states participating and applicants from Canada, Colombia, India, and Ireland.