Rolling Stones Tease New Album with Cryptic Ad in Local Paper

Rolling Stones new album
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Rolling Stones new album
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Photo Credit: Universal Music Group

The Rolling Stones tease their new album with a fictitious ad for a glass repair shop in local London newspapers, the Hackney Gazette and Islington Gazette.

The legendary Rolling Stones, the members of which are now in their 70s and 80s, have released an announcement about their new album to astute fans using a cryptic ad for a fictitious glass repair shop in London’s Hackney Gazette and Islington Gazette newspapers. The ad appears on the third page and seems unremarkable at a glance but contains hints about the band and their upcoming album’s September release.

“Hackney Diamonds, specialists in glass repair, opening September 2023,” the ad reads, with the “i” in “Diamonds” dotted with the band’s lips and tongue logo. “Our friendly team promises you satisfaction. When you say gimme shelter, we’ll fix your shattered windows.”

“Satisfaction,” “Gimme Shelter,” and “Shattered” are all titles of Rolling Stones hits, and fans were quick to realize that the ad was a teaser for the band’s 31st studio album, which releases in September.

“Diamonds” in the fictitious glass shop’s name refers to the band’s 60th-anniversary (the diamond anniversary) tour, which began last year in Madrid. The font used for the words “Hackney Diamonds” is said to be the same used on the Rolling Stones’ 1978 album “Some Girls,” while “Est. 1962” at the foot of the ad references the year the band formed.

When the phone number included in the ad is called, a recorded message is heard that says, “Welcome to Hackney Diamonds, specialists in glass repair: Don’t get angry, get it fixed. Opening early September, Mare Street, E8. Register for a call at Come on then.” The website takes users to a form to register their interest, presumably to receive an email update when more information is revealed.

The Hackney Gazette confirms that the ad was taken out by Universal Music Group, which manages the band’s extensive music catalog.

“It’s very exciting to have such a massive band announcing their new album in our papers, especially in such a cryptic manner,” says Simon Murfitt, senior editor of the Hackney Gazette and Islington Gazette.

“I have already had several emails requesting back copies, and no doubt the papers will become collectors’ items for music fans. I’ve always said The Rolling Stones have good taste when it comes to their local news, and this just proves it!”

The new album will be the first since the death of drummer Charlie Watts two years ago. Bronze figures of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were unveiled earlier this month in their hometown of Dartford, Kent, where the band’s frontman and guitarist met in 1961.