Killswitch Engage’s Tour Bus Collides with a Hapless Elk — Offers Not-So-Subtle Reminder of the Dangers of Touring

Killswitch Engage's tour
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Killswitch Engage's tour
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Photo Credit: Stefan Brending / CC by 3.0

Killswitch Engage’s tour bus hits an elk in Sweden, resulting in a terrifying moment for the band — who is fortunately fine, although the elk didn’t fare nearly as well.

While en route to an appearance at In Flames’ Dalhalla Brinner festival in Rattvik, Sweden, rock band Killswitch Engage’s tour bus collided with an elk on Friday, August 25. The band’s frontman, Jesse Leach, took to Instagram afterward to share a video of the damage the bus sustained, including a shattered windshield and reflected on the uncertainty of life.

“You never know what tomorrow holds; take nothing for granted,” writes Leach. “Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Our driver Tom sustained some torn ligaments and was shaken up for sure, but he is (okay). The majestic (elk) that collided with our bus, however, did not (fare) so well, sadly.”

“I don’t carry fear with me when I travel as it would do me no good,” Leach continues. “However, seeing this definitely put some fear in me — not so much for my safety, but the thought of losing (someone) I love (or someone being injured seriously). It washed over me as we pulled away in a passenger bus; I felt the tears fall on my face as I thought about the ‘what could’ve been.'”

Leach also reflected on other bands who have endured similar or worse collisions while on tour.

“I think of my friends out here who do this and the hardworking crews who are out here away from family and loved ones,” writes Leach. “The cost can be high when living this life. The moments of beauty and triumph can be suddenly interrupted by suffering and loss.”

Leach speaks of the high cost of life on the road — extreme highs filled with beauty and triumph sometimes interrupted suddenly by suffering and loss. Lost moments, “firsts,” birthdays, anniversaries, and “the list goes on.”

“The ones we leave at home carry the weight as well, wondering at times if the ones they love are safe. It’s a constant balance of trust, hope, and keeping anxieties at bay.”

The singer ended his message by expressing his gratitude for friends and chosen family on the road, encouraging fans to remember that life is a little different for bands and crew members on the road.

“My deepest sympathies to anyone who’s lost a loved one or had to suffer because the road came to collect,” says Leach. “Just so grateful it wasn’t worse than it could’ve been. Don’t take life for granted when you never know what tomorrow holds for you.”